Do you ever wonder!

1.The girl you are dating might have been in a threesome and probably there is a video
2.The girl you are dating is been tapped by his boss kila friday…na some few clients pia
3.The girl you are dating has had numerous abortions
4.The girl you are dating is a psychopath na hujui ile siku muta-wachana ndio utajuwa
5.The girl you are dating and respect so much has a fetish ya kukamuliwa MKIA but you are too innocent to do it with her so TOMMY does the job for you

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who cares…i have had my share of virgins and its not a pleasant experience…as long as they have no diseases sina shida

Are you describing your girlfriend?

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Wacha kutuangusha na ndoto,si unajua namaanisha nini Timothy.

You never know, so there’s no point in thinking about it!

Huwezi ishi maisha on hypotheticals.

Old manki naona ulikuwa India last week


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If you live your life thinking like that then mwishowe utajitia kitanzi

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so tusemee coomer ni constant


Or that the man you are seeing is a certified professional necrophilia who comes to you after a job well done.

Or a serial wanker who causes a massive genocide every time he goes to the bathroom alone.


Remember! You never own the pussy, its only your turn to eat!



all bitches got multiple partners, and that’s a fact, if you have an illusion your the only one hitting your wife/girlfriends hole/s, your in dream land bro and you need to wake up from your slumber

@chuka karibu sasa leta story na zile ma mbisha zako

Ile utajidanganya unapenda ndio mzuri.

what you dont know cant hurt you …ukishamwaga ndani onto the next


wutang hahahaha

nigga you just made me insecure