Do you do cardio on weight days? If so, how much?

I do cardio 5 x a week and weight lifting 5xs a week, I just alternate either upper or lower, and go walking on weekends

It all depends with the results that you are will to achieve, for instance, if you are after gaining mass, limit you cardio to 10-15 minutes. If you’re tonning or burning that fat, engage in intensive cardio.
As for strength training your cardio should be minimal, less than 10 minutes.
Why are you lifting for 5days though ?

For me i alternate between cardio and weight training days. Never on the same day.

cardio is ideal for warming up

Do these 6 exercise thrice a week, forget cardio.

  • Bench Press
  • Pull Ups
  • Deadlifts
  • Squats
  • Military press
  • Bent over row

NB: Go heavy and maintain reps between 1-5

You will be one hell of a strong mufacka

Ma weightlifters wenye hu ignore cardio ndio hu drop dead suddenly coz of cardiac arrest. Ignore cardio at your own peril.

Too much cardio is detrimental to muscle gain. Cardio haifai kupita 10 minutes, just use it to warm up before hitting them weights bad.

Hio upusi ya kukimbia 10KMs achia diabetics kama @Agwambo who are also battling hypertension ( inherited very poor genes) na wanawake who will squirm and shit themselves under a 50KG squat

That general muscle gain without corresponding strengthening of heart muscle by doing 30 minutes cardio three times a week is what kills airheads like you.Your heart becomes too weak to service all that useless muscle.
The Enigma does 18kms three times a week,is 90kgs of pure muscle and his bp averages 118/60 like that is a 18year old African male.
Utakufa na cardiac arrest ama prostate cancer (coz blueballs manenos)ukingoja diabetes iue the Enigma.

I do cardio 3x a week to lower my body fat from 20% to my target of 12-14%.

Thereafter I lift weights. I do a push pull legs programme.

Cardiac arrest and i can bench your weight? Wewe unajua nini unasema kweli?. Boss, hujafika 50 yet you are already on blood pressure medication plus metformin refills? Ati you run 18 kms like a thief to control your BP? What do u think will happen when you’ll be 55 with bad knees/arthritis? Utakimbia aje with ankles which are falling apart? Kwanza wewe na hio urefu yako ya 190cms utajua hujui once your spine starts giving in.

Mimi ata sijui what my blood pressure readings are coz i have never taken any measurements kwa sababu in my lineage of Alpha Males we are known for taking isht easy. I inherited very superior genes. The onli stats i have is that i am 5’10" and 75-77kgs with 15inches biceps, 29 inches waist and 43 inches chest.

Another thing, semen retention has more benefits on your T levels than running 100Kms per month can ever do. Achana na kuma or kunyonga for a month then come back and report here.

Even professional footballers who weigh around 65-75kgs don’t do that much. If 90kgs is pounding on your knees that much you are begging for joint problems in the future.

Cardio 5× a week? Are you trying to kill your gains?

I do cardio on its own once a week for between 10-47 minutes. The other days I work out my abs, upper body and whole body exercises (which is cardio kiplani). 4-6 days a week ain’t bad. My diet mainly consists of grilled white meat, broccoli, traditional veges, njugu, sweet potatoes, assorted fruits (with blended pineapple or mango juice during breakfast instead of tea or coffee) etc. I never go to the gym btw. I also do semen retention vile mtu wa kumwaga ndani amesema apo juu and the results are always amazing.

Kumbe wee ni mfupi.

179cms is not short, ghasssiaaaa!

Yes, considering that the guy is pretty lanky ( 190cms) he is courting disaster

A man under 6 feet is short.

Semen retention ni gani hio Mr jizman. Kindly teach us oh Master.

Since a woman or a man with an ugly pot belly. Hizo generalizations perekea nyanyako.

Lmao, ati 18KM three times a week and you weigh 90kgs. You are so full of shit!