Do u experience such with ua Android device

OK am using S3 with AOSP Carbon ROM 4.4.4 it works perfect in everything yet very stable but iv been having pblms with Microsoft One Drive app,everytime I log in en reboot my device the details are lost I have to log in back again…so my first guess ni either ROM ama app yenyewe,so guys do u experience such shiet with any other custom ROM tht u use?
ua reply will be very much appreciated

Mi hupoteza contacts

On lollipop n everything works fine n fluid… Just waiting for watu wa kwanza wamalize kutest Xposed Framework then niage kitkat bye kabisa [ATTACH=full]1174[/ATTACH]

lollipop messed me up personally I can’t live without xposed…

Xperia gani hiyo? Am thinking of rooting my Xperia SP, then I install Cyanogenmod rom.

ZR… Though official sony lollipop updates will start rolling end month

Si itabidi u unroot update zikianza? The Xperia ux huwa poa. Mimi itabida niroot. SP ilifika Jb 4.3

Nope i will just download the ftf n install via Flashtool

Just unlock bootloader via Flashtool halafu flash to it cwm ama twrp still using Flashtool… Next sace your custom rom kwa sd card… Boot into recovery n install the custom rom… Flash gapps n ur good to go


Sony devices are very easy to root, I love that. Sony developers also offer good support.

I like the phone model in the pic ata kama the crowd prefers to go with the most marketed. The custom UI is just in its own class too.

Theme ni Neon colors on cyanogen mod 12… Available for CM 11 Too

Sony Xperias never disappoint!