Do Prayers Heal The Sick?


Ndindu are you trolling. Of course the religious folk here will swear up and down how it heals people.

Lakini ata wao wataenda kwa daktari as their first option

A very stupid question if you ask me… Other races when faced with a malady go out of their way to use their God given brains and natural resources to help them make a cure like how our great great great great grandparents used to do.
But modern bonobos are left to chant hallelujah and hossanah hoping a dove will magically descend and kiss their illness away
If you threw an 18 century African in the forest I bet angerudi na dawa ya flu chap chap

Am not trolling. I’m amazed at how negroes flock to commercial churches offering millions of their hard earned money to conmen dressed in robes. Eti ni mbegu

What better way to control the masses than religion.

Rich countries in the world are the least religious, tafakari hayo.

Religion (Christianity, Islam etc) are just but tools to swindle most people, especially the poor. A pastor will subject his congregation to contribute towards buying him a car or a property, but when the reverse is true e.g. a church members urgently needs to pay medical bills, the only this a pastor can do is to offer prayers

How prayers work…

Faith is what heals, if you believe

Prayers do not work but they may have a therapeutic feeling because of the placebo effect.

Ngoja usikie some retarded shit like"doctors treat but prayers heal". Staunch Christians and Muslims need to have a brain transplant.