SO today on the commute I found myself listening to Ghetto Radio after my cd player jammed. I found King Kafu,Maji Maji and another gentleman a guest on , the guest was narrating how hes singlehandly raising his 3 kids as in the wife and him separated and he lives with all 3 of the kids,apparently there was even a 4th born who died accidently while at 3 years. The mom has unlimited access to the kids. But the guy lives with the kids. He has taken 2 to boarding and has no househelp. The hustles this guy is going through to raise these kids is insane. The youngest who has to be taken to Kindergarten is out all day while he works then he gets home and has to be the mother ,bath,feed,entertain the kid. So for a good 10 minutes the studio hosts tried to establish why did the two break up. The guest couldnt give a tangible answer. They just stopped loving each other then stopped having sex. Bas! Like you could feel the guy struggling to come up with even that one answer as to why they have 4 kids and had to break up. So currently both have moved on and seeing other people. Most callers were of the opinion most people nowadays are not giving marriage and the importance of kids growing up in a two parent home with traditional family values the importance or priority or seriousness it deserves. Ive seen many of my relatives also calling it a day over flimsy excuses for lack of a better word because love disappearing to me doesnt sound like a reason. Whats the threshold of breaking up a marriage? Should you ship off your kids to kindergarten then boarding schools at the first opportunity because love disappeared? King Kafu and Maji kept asking the guest what his definition of love is and he couldnt even articulate it. I can see now why kids are burning domitories and becoming hardcore drug addicts by the time theyre out of high school. Our fiber has completely broken down ! And then what will become of these kids after they go through all this trauma because parents need to find love?


I thot you left! What are you doing here?!


You are advancing a noble cause @GeorginaMakena but the world has run out of good individuals. Those that exist are so rare, they are assumed to be pretending


Georgina nisafishe mecho pale inbox

I’m surprised hii post imekuwa fupi.
Anyways, we should baby proof our homes ndio watoi wasidedi ovyo ovyo.
Unaeka wall bathroom tiles zile slippery kwa floor .
Mtu kuslide na kudedi ni rahisi sana

kwa upande wa relationship, wengine wajibu.

“The only thing worse than being in a marriage is being in prison or in a war.”- Mhenga Flani
Whoever said that kids need two parents to flourish forgot to mention that kids are better off living with one parent rather than growing up in an abusive environment.
Alot of people in this generation grew up in unhappy homes where daddy coming home drunk and beating mummy up almost was accepted.
You dreaded the sun going down and clutched tight on your blanket when you heard daddy shouting etc… and you promised yourself that this will not happen to you when you grow up.

Our mums had no choice because they mostly depended on their husbands financially.

Siku hizi women are independent and nobody will tolerate nonsense. If you’re not making each other happy, tembeza kiatu fuck what everyone says!..
Life is too short…
Ama namna gani my friends?




Haha. King kafu brought me back .Blame him


Thanks Alchemist. It means alot to me to hear that. I dont think its run out of good people though only that theyre so so many misguided people and the so called experts that are so popular wakina Maina Kageni and ilk are pied pipers. Leading the masses to their annihilation.

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Apparently I should. But wewe ni wetu. Huendi anywhere.


Hapa tuko pamoja

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I was of the same mindset but after seeing products of broken homes am not so sure which is worse the broken home or the home thats together but dysfuctional. Kwanza this business of boarding school at class 1, what happened to no boarding till high school? But when you’re a single parent or mixed family ,boarding is the magic pill. Give other people your kids to raise for you as you hustle and pursue other relationships . This model of mordern family will be our undoing.


Marriage has ebbs and flows , going into marriage thinking you will still be in love like 2 teenagers then u are in for a rude shock , personally I can imagine living outside marriage for me it is very fulfilling , Maybe I am one of the lucky ones but I love my wife 3 kids and all. It’s not always rosy ! far from it but you just make it work.


@kabutha aka @Ka-Buda ,after what you’ve gone throu’ with your babymomas… you should start a marriage consultation firm.

Marriage is not a joke. Methinks as much as you @GeorginaMakena try to advance a cause, we should accept that most married folk are just trying to keep the boat afloat in mostly turbulent waters. As a result its mostly a series of power plays tu. Not healthy for anyone of the two parties

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In marriage as with the human body ; Garbage in, Garbage out. So just feed it consistently and feed it well…

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kunguru haifugiki…

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somethings in life are hard to explain,but the guy is Poa the way things are.if things can’t be mended then separation brings comfort and relief.women are hard to tame.

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They’re still there though.

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