Do individuals in this business make good margins?

Am talking about individuals with cars registered with taxi hailing apps- Uber, Littlecabs etc.

I have received a memo that starting tomorrow Little cabs are going to charge 20 bob per KM in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu for the basic service category only. Basic service ni zile taxi mzee. The equivalent in Uber known as Uber X charges 35 bob per KM.

The prices are way below the AA rates per KM. Driver huwachwa na ngapi kama they charge this low?

Anyway, am a customer. let me enjoy the reduced prices.

PS: That memo has advised me to share this good news to my friends,and let you also help them build Kenya.


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Got a corporate account with little cab…it’s better than uber!

Hii c ni cheap ata kuliko ummo inner…sioni viability apo

How do i get a corporate account with you? Mambo ya kulipa 3k each encounter inaumiza wallet.


For take away services ?

The only way it will make sense is if you(the owner of the car) drives the car, that was the original idea behind these taxi hailing apps like their dad Uber.

I think that’s off pick…


Yes! Mpaka Kasa twasija!

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Exactly. Many people never realize that this is a do-it-yourself (DIY) business like a kiosk. It can’t support a passive investor.


Hii biz haina kakitu okiya. Wanaume wanalia sana hapa nje.

Just imagine getting a loan to buy the car for taxi hailing…

Ni kama zile 14 seater with a driver and makanga. The owner gets nothing. Kila biz kuna the number of people it can feed na hii ya taxi hukuwa driver pekee na kampuni. Ya matatu 14 seater inafeed mwenyewe na just the driver, so ukiweka conductor you are out of business. etc etc

Uber imeniokolea sana, I now no longer care about ma3 and in my route past midnight gari inaweza Kaa 2 hours before filling up.

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On Monday drivers wa uber wanaenda mgomo. Wanadai uber inapeana free rides na discounts mingi

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Ala!! Hiyo free ride ni ya ukweli? wacha biplane sato kabla wagome.

How are the returns with the likes of kenatco and pewin?

hii biz ni kutupa. Kuinvest kitu ka 1m ndio upate net ya 20k (not factoring depreciation) haimake any sense

Na at the end of it all, the driver will grow while the investor goes home dry. one year down the line, dere atanunua yake

Siku hizi nduthi iko na faida kuliko taxi. They actually make loss when you factor in the cost of car depreciation. Taxify is messing up the market by allowing any taxi (even private cars with no psv insuarance) and charging low rates. As a result, other apps are losing their clients to taxify and have no choice but lower their price also. All drivers now need to strike regardless of which app they are using.