Do I Import a Samsung Flagship/Mid-Range or Just Buy Local?

Hey guys, absolute noob here. I’m looking for a good phone to last me some 4 years or so.

First, I’m not sure which one to get among these. Which one do you recommend and why?

Second, would it be cheaper to import or should I just get one locally (from an authorized dealer of course)? If the former, how do I import the phone cheaply?

Thank you!

EDIT: Oh, wait. I’ve just realized they’re all flagships. Anyhow, any midrange Samsung phone close to these specs-wise that you can recommend?

Also, please do mention the local prices if you’ve got the figures.

Lazima ikue Samsung?


I can’t bring myself to use anything but One UI. I’ve been addicted to the Samsung ecosystem for several years now.

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I might actually just go for the S23 Ultra after watching some YT reviews. It seems like the optimal choice seeing that it’s only a year-old flagship and going for about 150 Gs.

Also, beware folks. The resident conman is ever around.