Do I get this Bamba tv or subscribe to Gotv ?

I already have Azam decoder but just want to increase my choices. I don’t watch too much tv.

My friend nunua Dstv uwache maswali mob

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i just junked my pay startimes after buying a hotpoint FTA. why pay startimes for what am now getting free?

Startimes ni upuzi. PayTv ni Dstv upwards. Otherwise FTA is better than startimes and the likes. Pia gotv ni upus if you dont watch football. However comparing DT-FTA with Dstv, Ds wins hands down.

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The best can’t be free ofcourse.Well said.

Hotpoint was a bad choice. You should have got yourself a Scantech.
Among the things you will notice is that your decoder will receive all channels (Fta, startimes and gotv) . Issue comes when you choose a pay channel and your decoder freezes for 5 mins. And the sad part is that you cant hide those pay channels like in the case of Scantech.

In my house no one watches football.

wachana na FTA basi

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What about this Rockdale?

That’s also a nice decoder, almost as good as Scantech, but you pay through the nose.

Just buy a digital tv. Currently the digital tv is receiving 248 DTB channels. 28 of these are radio stations and 220 are TV channels. Of course its receiving even the pay tv channels but all of them are scrambled. All in all with digital tv, you are able to receive about 130 view-able channels.

Yes. bought it for 6k a year and half ago and am about to buy two others for some other people. I keep deleting scrambled channels on Rockdale after a while they are back and bloating the list. I was wondering whether this is a problem with the decoder or a problem with channel providers going on and off air making the decoder rescan all time. I love the picture quality though. I am not decided on whether to buy three different models or just stick with that one.

@Electronics4u Na sisi tulinunua tv kitambo? Doesnt it make sense to buy a decoder rather than 35k+ worth of a tv especially if you have several sets to adapt to DTv

ebu explain this to me like am a five year old swits @aviator : the only reason am stuck with gotv is sonymax, bet, natgeo, Nickelodeon…

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I like DW though, they do not have sensational reporting like CNN and other american news corporations. CNN focusses on trivial issues and BS. Interviews on cnn are like time is running out and the interviewee never puts point across adequately. the only setback on DW is that they repeat too much.

I bought Bambaa this morning, needless to say for me it’s. Crap !. Terrible resolution and channel lineup. Yeah, it’s free as a "free broken washing machine. Trying to offload it off on one of my neighbours at 300 bob discount.

Can someone sue them for advertising that the provide world class Chanells ???.

leta hiyo case haraka…tuwakamue for misrepresentation.

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Watu wa Nickelodeon tuko wengi

All my life in Nairobi I have successfully evaded all manner of con schemes. But Leo nimepatikana flat !

Na eti nime enda shule.

Yup…thats the only reasob I still pay…