Do Bad Things Happen To Good People @masaai 101

so what is the worst you can do mr ndawo…wtf i cunt imagine this happening to me…
mnaongea kwa nyumba kweli??..


:D:D:D:D BETA male problems spreading like wildfire :D:D:D

Leta link

No man is too smart for a woman.

kunguru hafugiki - Sex & Relationships - Kenya Talk

Sasa umeanzisha thread kunihusu,:D:D:D:D:D niko tu…ninalewa sasa but family is at home.

Goalie amechengwa banae

Nikiwaambia muachane na wild birds mnasema mimi ni mjinga…sioo? Kuleni ujeuri yenu sasa

At least she wouldn’t be talking about it like that. :smiley:

Sasa aliens church na hasila ???
Kuchafua maombi ?

Stale jokes !

You, sir, are an idiot.

I’ve lived this world enough to know that women even the weakest ones have the ability to trick. carefully observe them.

she just said that to win an argument it doesn’t necessary mean its not his.

More BETA mentality exhibited. :smiley:

you’re obsessed with theoretical alpha male thing. it is a fallacy!!