Do Auction Things Carry Bad Omen

i developed a strategy,that my work will be to be buying auction motorbike/car and office stuff,then sell of.sure thing profit plays at 75-150% after sale.The main problem is every where i go people keep criticizing me that am in a demonic biz.personally i dont see any problem but i need ideas from you guys>Do you think they bring bad omen?

People are just superstitious. Proceed with your strategy my brother.

Unanunua vitu za singo matha, mama mboga amedefault loan banae…

They do. First of all if you are a Christian this is one of those businesses you are forbidden from doing just like shylock, alcohol and brothel business.

If you are not you still need to engage a witch doctor to ward off the evil spirits attached. To cleanse the items. Is what I hear people do. Not sure it works. Someone in this biz told me every time theyd buy that auction stuff something bad would happen in his family.

I’ve gone through bankruptcy and repossession (auction) and I wouldn’t consider the guy who got my house at a throw away price a bad person.
He is a strategist and a smart investor.
I’m sure as the Kenyan economy goes through this recession,alot of clever movers and shakers are busy buying property etc and the same will be sold to the same person being repossed in a few years.

When you’re buying, they’re watching and when you’re desperately selling, they’re buying cheap.
Wajinga ndio waliwao!.. kikikikkkk…


theres a point,


That is clean business. Go for it. Good luck.

Abort mission brother!!! Ile siku motorbike itageuka punda ndo utajua

This will scare the shiat off you on auctions:

[SIZE=7]Man says Florida villa he bought at government auction turned out to be a foot-wide piece of land[/SIZE]

Man says Florida villa he bought at government auction turned out to be a foot-wide piece of land

Wachana nayo bro. Hizo vitu wenyewe walinyang’anywa kwa fujo after kushindwa kulipa loan.

Basically you’re directly profiting from someone else’s misfortune. It’s legal but it’s also predatory (unethical). It’s like lawyers who specialise in ambulance chasing looking for clients

Africans and superstitions:D:D:D:D:D:D

Spiritually sio mzuri, but biashara-wise its okay. Hapa Sub-saharan lazima uengage the spiritual world professionals watakase iyo mali. Or so i think.
Najua shamba ishawai auctioniwa na kamzae kalewa bila familia kujua. The auction process was sooo fast and brutal that most villagers cried. 20years later, no one has ever settled there…inatumika kama njia na place ya watoi wa kijiji kucheza. That thing made me fear auction manenos.

My friend used to buy those second hand stuff and sell them, he later lost everything he had accumulated. Within one year he had bought a piece of land and a car, two more years down the road he had nothing. The problem is, big profit comes with people who are under spiritual attack and have no choice but to sell their things at a loss to survive. And just as they suddenly appeared they will disappear.


I have heard a lot of weird stories regarding auctioned property even from auctioneers themselves

where are Christians warned against alcohol biz? What’s wrong with operating a take away joint?