Lunjez wanakamuliwa ma pipi huku inje.

lancet negroes:D

Shida ya Mluhya ni moja, He takes care of the streets, before his home . Inverted priorities if i may say. Take care of home first, before the streets.

I tell you.


Mahali tuna elekea kuta kuwa na artificial insemination where husband watakuwa Wana wank halafu sperms zina wekwa Kwa senyeste.

Saa hii mtoto akizaliwa unafanya DNA pap.

Kuna watu wanataka kunukisha kitunguu. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Every tom dick and middleclass nigga will rush their kids in Jan to check for DNA while your mums in the village can tell you for free. These things dont happen to people who visit their homes often…pia kama wewe ni malenge sana a relative will pull you aside and ask you to talk to your wife about the said kid.
There’s a reason why in some African customs the Dad’s mother gets to cut the first hairs after the child is born…its verification before its too late, kabla ujajiaibisha na picha za jayden allover the gram. In short Family is very important.

He should dump that kunguru and flee with his son. This is the best news he will ever receive in this fcuked up earth. Raising a kid in this toxic environment is hard, so he just got one to focus on.