This kijiji emphasizes on raising DNA certified kids only. It’s a trend that is being embraces by lots of men out here. But there is something you never say. Take a preteen or teen kid and you find they aren’t your biological’s. How would you break out with that? The bonds between teenage kids and their fathers in most cases is such strong, utaihandle aje!

This guy hasn’t hidden his identity and in the explanation hapo chini, he says he divorced with the wife but when he saw the boyfriend (the current one with the ex wife), he notices he looks like the kid and he wonders whether it’s the guy he kept on suspecting. Marriage issa scam! Fraud!


Kufa dereva kufa makanga…akwende mbali mbegu mbaya

You can still maintain good relations with the kid but make the mother know she is a kunguru who deserves no respect or attention.

  1. Talk to the doctor then go with the child for blood donation.

  2. Take him to the barbershop and collect hair samples.


Kick out mother and kid