DJ joe mfalme kunukisha kitunguu


Acha nidownload virtual dj asap. Nimekuwa nikipostpone for the last 10+ yrs

Hii Schedule ni crazy…when does he sleep and travel?!

those are 7 months bana. not Dec only.

na ujie kuna zile haziko hapo.
but the hard work is Thursday- Sunday so still better than a 8-5 daily

Now that’s a very hardworking DJ, and he doesn’t drink alcohol.

Kuna msee niliskia akisema ii schedule imeundwa na Kartel wa hii industry Lakini sikuelewa how. Our resident Deejay @Duke of Busia can shed some light on that…
^^Tag him properly

Na utapata ana appear for like 30 min then anaenda…dj ya mkona ndio anafanya kazi mob

You cant compare this DJs life with a paper pushing employee holed up in a desk 8-5 na kupigiwa makelele ni kama you are an orphan. Na each gig inarange 100k hivi. By the time Dec iishe hizo 14 gigs atakuwa amemake 1.4M cash money, a low level managers annual salary. Nyongeni tie kabisa na hizo masters zenu:D:D:D

Ongea mbaya nitengeneze software which will be using Artificial intelligence. Hii AI will render you jobless.

Hahaha ghasia wewe

AI kitu gani? Hizi vitisho pelekea bank tellers na customer service people. DJs can never be replaced in clubs, because of the live interaction element where you as a reveller can change the outcome of events. Not everything can be automated in this life.


Kama umwekuwa uki postpone ku download virtual dj for the last 10 years, imagine itakutake how long kuwa moderately proficient ati unaweza cheza ngoma continuously for one hour bila “kugaonganisha”.

quit while you are ahead :D:D

I’m joking kitambo na lakini nilikuwa nataka kuwa dj life ikanipeleka ivi ivi nikajipata kwingine

Spotify ukishaweka gapless na uweke the time akuna tofauti na dj. Kazi ni kupanga tu playlist.

Wacha your girlfriends favourite DJ anukishe otunguu

Probably atacheza a few hours. Other djs will do opening sets.

Drinking at times inawezakuangusha as a DJ. Inakuwa tricky kumanage time. Mahangover husumbua. So, unadrink moderately then unaensure umesetti equipmentbna kila kitu ready.

Having a P. A. / team pia husaidia.

Itakuwa Hard sana kureplace DJs. AI won’t read mood ya wasee. Won’t interact nao like a human.

A lockdown is going to slice half of that schedule

AI can easily read mood, if properly set up way better than ahuman, a computer can process voice and changes in patterns way quicker, the conversations amongst revellers, body posture, movement and such, add in linkages to the revellers public social media posts interests …
For now such a set up would be very expensive, but looking at what is available now to the public the likes of echo, axela and their ability to read mood and predict preferences it’s a matter of time, might be longer but eventually it will happen.