how can i make a good stirrer for stirring hot liquid around 10 to 15 litres.any suggestion will help especially ikuwe dc 12v.nimecheck youtube sijaona anything that can help.nataka kunukisha kitunguu mahali.

get an impeller and attach a starter motor at the end of it in a drum. impeller at the bottom pushing fluid up. permanent magnet motor will work but if fluid is heavy, use a field winding stator kind of starter. :D:D:D

hapa sijaelewa anything,where can i get this?

What are you intending to stir?

i need to stir milk,its for a small yoghurt business i have.

Pale River Roqd kwa hardware chukua AC motor kama hii. Attach a DIY shap and propellers. Weld the motro assembly facing downwards on the lid of your milk tank. You will have your Breaking Bad level of a centrifugal tank.[ATTACH=full]403865[/ATTACH]

asante elder

Si umedai 12V DC?
Anyway sidhani kuna 12V motor itafanya kazi kama hiyo

option one ilikuwa hiyo lakini naona itabidi nijarib8 hiyo

Get a single phase motor 0.47hp kama ni 12L bucket unakoroga

rpm ya hii is too much, he needs a gear reduction mechanism ama speed control which adds to the cost, otherwise maziwa itarushwa kila mahali

where can i get this,kitu itastir at a medium speed

what do you suggest i get?

Hapa sijui it depends on how much you are willing to spend. If you want your money’s worth I suggest you research from other companies what kind of speed or torque a tank your size needs for making yorghurt cheaply. Then ukipata requirements you can come back, otherwise ukifanya kijuakali utalose pesa mob because you have too many options.

i will research more to see what fits

Geared motor sasa labda 3phase nayo bei minimum 15k.
Single phase motors are low speed. Ni kame kale pedrollo ya water pump za plots. Its speed is good to churn milk bora container iwe kubwa