DIY Domestic Water Filtration System Ideas for Peasant

Distinguished Talkers,
I have a well back in the village which has always supplied my folks with clean water. With the onset of rains, maji imeanza kuwa chafu, yaani no longer clear. It looks and tastes muddy. Am looking for the most efficient way to purify this water. I have tried Alum, but it makes the water hard and difficult to wash.

The setup: Water is pumped from the shallow well by a solar pump, into a 5000-lt tank elevated 12ft and then piped to the house. Hakuna stima isipokuwa solar. Am thinking of a filtration system that can be placed somewhere along the supply so that they continue getting clean water from the taps.

Davis & shirtlif wako Na some very nice filters. Ama tutengeze ya makaa… Lakini Jikaze kuna stima wewe

Have tried to research hiyo ya makaa, just cant seem to get where/how to fit it within the system.
[SIZE=1]Mimi sio mtu wa jikaze[/SIZE].


I was told there is a domestic water filter going for 3k at Davis and Shirtliff (unverified)

Have written to them bado hawajareply.

How deep is the well and which area? Deepening it may be the ultimate solution. Well water is usually very clean.

The well is 30 feet. Its in Nyandarua. The water is too much it proved impossible to make it any deeper. It has been clean during the dry season. Problems started when rain ilizidi.

Check the link below, for the domestic filter, but the cartridges expire with time and need constant changing.

Also check on olx, It should guide you on types and prices, in this case the cheapest is averaging 4k

Thanks. Hizi za chini ndio naona nahitaji. I shall get to their offices and see what they have.


Then just channel the rain water away from the well and cover the top. That’s the long term solution.

The well is sealed. Nimeweka koroga na mawe 3 courses. I suspect this is seepage water.