Divorcing Religion

Which was that one thing that made you question the religion that you were brought up believing in or divorce all religions as a whole?

@Atheismo kwoum kiasi

Reading the Bible and praying has detached me from religion. I just look at some of the “religious” practices and doctrines and laugh.

I once asked my religious mother who gave the church mandate of “spiritualizing” marriages and burials and she was confused.

Reading the Bible.
I realised the rest ni human creation.99.9% of your church programs are things man thinks will bring you closer to worship God.




Simply using logic you will realize that its man who created God, not the other way round.

God exist in the mind of humans

The day I learnt that the same White man who killed innocent Africans and made them slaves is the same White man who came up with the Bible promising you the way to heaven.

Would recommend you watch West World, you will understand.

are you a Host or a Guest?
makes you question everything from the stars to the planets, day and night.

God is a corporation that created humans to harvest data?

Waislamu kutwanga watu na baruti ju mungu yao ni better,wakiristu kupigana wenyewe kwa wenyewe ju mungu wa israeli si same na wa wayahudi alafu kusema yesu ni mungu,oliskia wapi? Catho kudeenyar watoto ju pasta kuoa ni haram,kondom ni haram,divorce ni haram pambana na hali yako. Alafu hizi dini mwitu where mnachangia pasta na bibi yake vekeshen,gari,nyumba na ndege every day revivals. Siwezani na hio upuss yote

There is the source, the creator, and the creation. They are Anold, Ford and Doroles.

Harry Potter, I’d sooner bow to Professor Minerva McGonagall in her pristine glasses.