Divorce. ...

  1. Hatuwezi lazimisha demokrasia kwa wenye hawataki

  2. Hatuwezi kuacha ukora, wizi, ufisadi, mauwaji, ukandamizaji wa haki za wanainchi, magonjwa na mauvi mengine yaendele tukiona…

  3. Katika ndoa, wawili wakikosa kupatana haina budi ila talaka kufanyika, tuwachane na amani!..usi kandamize haki zangi, tueshimiane!!!

  4. Silazima

  5. Catalonia wanachana na spain
    Kurdish~wana secede
    South Sudan- seceded
    England- left EU


Muchunu unasumbua sasa

Babuon lazima aende bondo cha lazima.
26th Oct. Loading…
What happened to the irreducible minimums?
Inaonekana pesa ya retire ya babuon kwa paybill imetosha.
Mbona Yule loud mouth aka meffi economist wa session alinyamaza?

Na wewe utaenda wapi

Do it already mumechelewa… Atleast ii UJINGA YA kulaumiana ikatike.

so who wants to secede? Can you raise the numbers for a referendum to change the Constitution to allow secession? if not, keyboard warrior tuliza kende

Hapo sawa :slight_smile:

You can divorce all you want. Or rather you can try.
Raila’s failure to win elections will never again be reason to hold the country hostage. NEVER AGAIN.
Ata sisi tumechoka.
The lake god and his followers still think we’re in the 90s. Even after all the gains leading up to a new constitution. Right now anyone talking anything other than economic prosperity must be crushed. Kenya and Africa cannot continue been the joke of the world forever.

Nyanza and Western can secede if they want. By my estimates, their net contribution to the Kenyan GDP is 10-15%. We will do well without them as Africa welcomes the newest and poorest country, led by the uncorruptable Raila Odinga.
We can’t eat politics of destruction, opposing, incitement and blatant lies 24/7. Punda amechoka.

Divorce haraka haraka kijana. Unatisha nani?

Cold pili shikilia hapo, it will give you strength on that cold oct. 26th evening

When I see such posts I appreciate my life more… The fact that I don’t have to deal with people who are always bitter/miserable on a regular basis is a blessing.

You just need to ensure he takes his meds. It is only ONE job.

But for successive Gema governments which you so much despise intervening ,H.I.V AIDS ,malaria ,cholera would have wiped out half your populations by now! Before I relocated overseas, I worked for an N.G.O and I did a tour of duty in Luo Nyanza . I’ve been to villages where Grandmas and pre-teens were the only residents. Everybody else was dead. Young man beware what you wish for. Hate the game but not the player.

Look at this fool. You went abroad and are even more foolish than before you left.

Foolish is relative ! My point is, those clamoring for separation cannot afford it period.

He He, So in your wisdom ‘abroad’ is a panacea for ignorance. Why do Africans despise themselves so ?

Spot on. That’s if they understand what it is.

You missed the point by a mile.

You’re [SIZE=6]stereotyping[/SIZE] of a whole community just shows your stupidity, inanity and willful ignorance ESPECIALLY for someone that touts to LIVE ABROAD.

You’re no different from the ignorant jungus that think Africa is one big country or think that ALL BLACK people are lazy.

Keep burying your head in the sand ! As foolish as I might be, statistics don’t lie .