Diverting Calls

Who knows of a good method to divert calls from specific numbers? Maybe an app or something?

I’m tired of getting 10 missed calls from the same number. Na ata ukichukua simu hakuna kitu ya maana mtu anasema.

So mtu specific akipiga anapata niko mteja lakini bado line iko online.

Block the number…simple.

I have an uncle who does that. Mi hum-entertain juu ya heshima but in my eyes he’s a shenzi ghaseer.

Lipa deni ya Tala

Even the most basic phones have a blacklist option.

Kuna watu hauwezi block especially relatives. Kila masaa mtu kupiga simu tu na mashida ata hakuna kujuliana hali.

Wishing you good luck with this.
There is no way you can EFFECTIVELY block just 1 or 2, 3,4, 12… numbers only. You want to block one, you must block all of them, basi! The silly blocking done by the handset is so useless every one you block, even the dumbest of them all, will know that you blocked their calls! Because they hear the call connect at first before it’s dropped or it sounds the engaged tone. They’ll just use a different number or borrow a friend’s handset and, boom!, you are busted! True and realistic blocking can only be done effectively by your service provider. And if safaricom blocks calls to your number, the tone your caller will get is NOT “mteja wa nambari uliopiga bla bla bla…” Instead, they hear a brief and dismissive “you are not allowed to call this number!!!”, and the calls just ends like that! But safaricom will block ALL incoming calls, not just one, not even several. All incoming calls!

I will suggest a trick that has served me well for some time now. It is a secret but I know that from now it won’t be a secret anymore! Please try it. When you receive the next call, whether the one you want or you don’t want to receive, hit that mute button…

Hit the mute button and just relax then you will see what happens. They will disengage the call themselves, truth of God!!!

Diverting One number is impossible but you can block all calls and txt messages from that one number. Na uwache kutumia mulika mwizi.


Worry no more. Find the divert option on your phone then chose option divert when busy. So whenever you see the target calling, reject the call. It will divert to the other number. This is a basic feature found in every phone


I’m using the Redmi Note 8 on Android 9,uses the Google dialer(Worst ever,Mi dialer and Mi message forever),Google message and Google contacts,you’re able to divert an individual’s calls just from the contacts app on the 7th option as seen on the screenshots attached. You can get all the apps on playstore.

Go to your phone settings,. look very carefully and you will find call diverting. What number do you plan to divert the call to anyway. For the person saying that 2gb ram is bad, trust me it is a myth. 400mb ramis just bad, 1gb is good for normal phone users while 2gb and above is efficient for almost anyone. Ram does not make a phone fast, What determines a phones speed is the processor type interms of cores and processor speed. Infinix has soo many features than samsung phones. Hot 8 has a very large screen and a 500mah battery that can last you four days under normal use. If you want to keep charging your phone everyday then buy the samsung phone instead.