Dito!!! Mi Tv loading!



Great news. I love their products


Great News for the consumer as diversity is the spice of life.

Now we’ll have more quality products at competitive price points.

Halafu watu waache kununa cheap but poor quality électroniques

mbona ni wahindi hureview the lesser known brands? iwe ni simu,smart watch or tv.Is it that ni cheaper kwao?

sound quality is good despite no sound profiles,bass and mid tones for movies is really good,i give it 9/10
no remote on the soundbar
price is good tho

Nimetumia 4c 43inch. Pictures unbelievably stunning. Remote only 4 buttons. Only minus is the lack of inbuilt bluetooth capability.

Ni mbeca ngapi? 30k salo ya mhindi inaweza afford?

unajua financial muscle yao nikama yetu so wana consume vitu tuna consume huku kenya pia, be it low budget phones or low budget tvs
shida yao lakini hukua ni hio kizungu yao yenye iko na very heavy indian accent

49 inch is 30,000 rupee in India, about KSh 43,000. Therefore hii tarajia anything between Ksh30,000 to 40,000.

Youtube hacks zao huwa helpful lakini kuelewa accent huwa stressful

burrofcourse sir but haijafika ile base ,ikikam nitakuinbosk

It’s the biggest market that these budget brands target outside of china

Target phone ni Redmi K20. Tunangojea bei

Wherever 30k salo hot as lava ako abarikiwe


Hizi TCL zikoje?
The C6 series 43" is going for 38K. Na Kwanza ikona Harman Kardon. Anyone tried them out?

Did you manage to try them out?