Disturbing Ritual Killings @Kihiu Mwiri

The ongoing ritual killings in the above subject organisation have been flagged by private developers in Kenya… especially in Okuyo land. My main issue of worry is how do eight individuals get killed in an organisation without the government intervening only to do so when push comes to shove? The levels of impunity in Kenya as a society has led to underground investments as individuals try to keep property ownership a secret. Someone make us understand what the fuck is going on… hata mama ni Nduru za kuaminika ama hekaya as one @Deorro would put it.

The Level of Impunity starts with the Deceased,Having personally invested my hard earned cash there, I can tell you for sure that some evil deeds are necessary.Huwezi kamata shamba ya watu zaidi ya elfu moja and decide to demarcate and sell half of it to a private company at a tune of 800million shillings and expect to walk Scott free.


one- they are not ritual killings; they are alternative justice…
two- the government is only supposed to interfere in private business where there are recorded complaints of illegalities but mostly the authorities will advice that you file a civil case…
three- the interest holders in this case, and in other farms such as nyakinyua are aged wazee or their heirs who are difficult to organize for any legal action because they are scattered all over the country
coming back with more shortly…

The worst thing you can do to me is to tell me I have been elected as shairman of kihiu mwiri.


Its a cycle the directors are butchering each other na Mbo-I-Kamiti walimalizana?

I also thought so. Nobody has time to waste in courts.

I was relating this to Mungiki pattern and I found it matching somehow coz nothing is being stolen from them. This the conclusion that they are ritual killings. May be some offerings to grow their chama!

You clearly do not know what is happening. This group Kihiu-Mwiri owns hundreds maybe thousands of acres of prime land which has turned into a curse of sorts.

wamebaki wawili wife ya koinange and some lucku dude

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it makes sense, wale pia waliuziana shamba syokimau inafaa kuisha hivi

or get elected as President of Zambia


That place sounds like its operated by one of those Italian mafias

Hahaa! okiya you are Crazy! the fate is death!

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Kihiu Mwiri…something hot in the body…or stabbed by a knife…or why the name?

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One word; Greed.

I used to hear that there was an age group called Kihiu Mwiri! Yaani riika ria Kihiu Mwiri! Maybe the wazee belonged to the said age group and so they decided to name it so! And just adding : it could also mean that whose body is burned!

You seem to have some first hand information, please shed some more light. I am always skeptical of the popular version.

Keep off land companies leadership, its same as playing the “roulette game”. As some amesema hapo juu - you cannot subdivide shareholder’s land & expect to roam freely…
Land deals are never clean, you get mad cash but live a life of watching your back kila saa.
Seen it happen at Mboi-i-kamiti, embakasi ranching, kihiu mwiri and another one from ukambani which i can recal the name…

Unless you have no idea what ritual killings are…drop the argument!!

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Your understanding of issues is very limited. Wewe ni wale wanaamini uchawi

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