Disturbing Kenya since 1982

35 years and still counting

In '82, 1000+ Kenyans lost their lives
Same story in 2007
2017 almost 100 have so far died

35 years of a failed coup, demonstrations, riots and political skirmishes perpetrated by a single person in our beloved country has seen almost 10,000 Kenyans either hurt or killed

when will the madness end ?

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As of now no business is going on , kila mtu ako zila za ati kwanza tu wait hio presidential runoff kwanza

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Vitu vingine ni talent… some people are just disruptive in nature.


35 years of reform. understand that???
I demand justice for my people !!!

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Kenyatta Odinga dynasty itaisha October.




:Dwacha ufala:D

Nkt ata shamba mtu hawezi nunua saa hii!

Huyu mtu amesumbua sana!


In Railas eyes the only time Reforms and Justice will be met is when he becomes president - nothing more nothing less


Let me ask a question. Since 1982 how many politicians have put the government on it’s toes or disturbed. Why are we forgetting the likes of Matiba, Muite, Kibaki , Koigi etc who were a thorn in the flesh during President Moi’s reign?



Huyu jamaa tangu enzi za klost nilisema auliwe, watu wakaona kama ni warmongering. He needs a soft assassination, like a “heart attack”. His supporters will protest violently for not more than two weeks, then move on. Better a short burst of violence than this ever present crap we’re subjected to.

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Thats the best result from this stand off…

Like the way government killed Jacob Juma? And by the way, who killed ICC witnesess? And Msando?

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Provide evidence that they were killed by government or STFU.

Mwenye macho haambiwi tazama.

So no evidence? Just what I thought.

Why do bad people overstay their welcome on this planet, but good people leave sooner. Just why, I wonder.

lol who is gonna kill him? He is part and parcel of the ruling elite.

Aaaaaaand? Being part and parcel of the ruling elite makes him immune to assassination?

Please Cut that BS, stop basing your failures on this subject. Give us another reason for your inadequacies