Disgusting! See how they raise their kids

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Parents fcuk outdoors, infront of the kid!

thats gross. mom is preparing the girl to ride dad soon, and she will do it innocently some day and come tell mom inocently too. they make it look like its just a usual act like rubbing a sore arm.

You are on point! And sooner than later, we will see it happening on our public beaches!


summer itch…

Wapi findeo??

@karema-hitI ni findeo wendete wee

If they do this in public,what are they doing in private? Disgusting adults! O even saw the girl reach out and touch the mom’s boob… So she knows what’s going on…

Alafu ukuje na effects za slow motion

maybe the kid was asleep when she pandad mzee…who here hasn’t tried to sneak a fuck in a public place?

Oh yeah?!! You do that infront of your young ones? Are you for real, buddy?!

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wait wait…want you guys watch the last last moments before the end…Did i see the kid either caress her dad ama alikuwa anadara mathake boobs

I stand to be corrected

Mbindio ndio tucomment

Another good reason to live and die in Africa

tafuta rink kwa hizo pics somewhere

Findio tafasali. Ama rink

To them she is still a young child who does not know anything.


I saw the same… This is not new to the kid.

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