Disgusting fellow

Who do you get tired and feel like shutting the TV when he appears? For me it is Wilson Sossion. I have never liked this guy at all. I just saw today he is scheduled for an interview with Okwara on citizen.The person I somehow like is lawyer Paul Kanjama, Prof Kisiangani citizen, Mark Bichachi and another analyst who goes by the name Ogeto

Ruto Will Never Ever Be President of Kenya.


I don’t know why you are bringing the issue of Ruto here. Even if he does not become president… Who cares? What will we loss ot gain if he becomes the president as a common man… I guess the answer is nothing. So to be clear… We dont give a damn about it…

Agwash and of late Uhuru.
I always switch channels whenever I see them.
I got a very low tolerance for bull crap.
I watch Ruto coz am still studying him, I want to know what makes the man tick, what makes many fear him becoming president that much.

Murkomen , cherargei , Sudi , ule walalo wa sauti ya panya Junet Mohammed , Sifuna , ndindi nyoro

this thief …


Minor Car Murder

Ruto, sudi murkomen,

Atwoli… that idiot irritates me to no end.

atori na maina kamada

Very smart guy actually. A lot of people confuse him for a clown. But if you listen to his arguments, he is almost always rich.


ule jamaa analetangwa totos corner churchill

willy pozeh

Uhuru kenyatta

eric omondi



Nope, he is a clown/busy body.

Na kuna ngamia ingine inaitwa simba arati…

None other than Gatheca

Wewe itabidi uwatch CNN

Tuanze na slay kweeennsss wa tv:
Punchline: Anne Kiguta

Ngunjiri, Murathe, Maina Kamanda, Baba Yao…

Aladwa, Sudi, Murkomeno, Junet

Jaguar, Willy poze, bahati, CEO na wife wa Bonfire, Eric Omondi, Ciku Muiruri na Caroline Mutoko, Maina Kagayni, Churchill show yote na Ndambuki kwa radio…

ie. TV yangu nauza

Francis Atwoli. Kenyan workers are slaving in Indian factories without any occupational protections yet he does nothing about it. Just good at giving useless, empty, boring speeches on Labor Day.

Agwambo ndio mtu nikiona hata kwa gazeti naskia kuhama Kenya.

People still watch TV?