Disfunctional Kenyan Government

Somebody please explain to me the functions of the ministry of housing.

Two weeks ago I was looking for an apartment to rent in South C, my budget was Kshs 20k for a one bedroom. Napelekwa kwa SQ naambiwa 17k, seriously, a servants quarters???

Did not like so nikaambiwa kuna bed sitter going for 15k, on viewing the house, it is not even a bed sitter, just an extension, poorly done, very small, kicthen is outside the room, the entrance is a very small door kama ya pet house. Tenants are the most exploited people in this county. Nimeamua kuhamia Mlolongo.

ulitoka Kakamega?!

I have never stayed in Kakamega.

mlolongo shida ya maji ni kawaida.labda umeamua kutegemea ya mvua

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Three years ago I was a job hapo Naivasha nikakataa juu ya salo, I wish nineichukua.

nowanda @ol monk hunanga taste ya wanawake

wapi huko? That’s ridiculous.

Build your castle my friend. Most of us are in different stages of building our castles. Some have a plot, some have just dug the foundation. Don’t wait.

Hopefully, SGR will sort this out.

get away from nairobi…hata kama ni 70kms…cheap plot.build a hse.buy a small car (1000cc)and ya rent+fare woos are over

Tafuteni jasusi labda alimaliza kujenga zile hovels zake

Hiyo pesa enda hapo allsops nyuma ya naivas, utapata keja poa , 14.5k you get a 1 bedroom house na maji plus electricity and security hiyo base iko poa. I stayed there for some time.

I disagree, been to that place many times, have even taken pints at that Rexx Hotel.A friend of mine owns some of those plots and most of the buildings in the area are very poorly constructed.Not an area I would wish to live in.

There are good houses as well, the front ones especially the solai building thats where i stayed.

… hiyo base boss… wewe ni mtu wa choma tusker na malaya sivo?

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He he, I ramnyad a colle chic there one hot Sunday afternoon not so long ago.

Itaisha lini?

A small car will stress over 70km and consume more fuel. At least 1800cc itakupatia a better drive.


20K in Kiambu will get you a spacious 2 bedroom apartment…