DISASTER AVERTED: Oil tanker re-floated after 22 days aground off Kilifi beach

[SIZE=6]Oil tanker refloated after 22 days aground off Kilifi beach[/SIZE]
WEDNESDAY, JULY 12, 2017 21:14

Tuvalu-flagged oil tanker MV Theresa Arctic has finally been refloated 22 days since it ran aground at Bofa beach in Kilifi.

Mombasa port personnel refloated the ship in a repeat of the operations which had earlier been halted twice due to bad weather and inappropriate equipment. The Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) salvage team said due to rough weather, it had to put contingency measures in place to mitigate pollution risks as the local community’s water source intake is less than 200 metres from the site.

The vessel built in 1988 was laden with 46,000 metric tonnes of vegetable oil and ran aground off Kilifi while en route from Port Keelang in Malaysia, to Mombasa on June 20.

Experts suspected that the ship’s engines may have broken down in the middle of the high seas leading to its stalling.

The KPA placed booms around the vessels as a precaution against potential pollution due to oil spillage.

The ports agency dispatched its five tugs — Nyangumi, Simba, Comarco Prince, Alpha Granada and Alpha Pina — to the site along with divers who reported that the damage was limited to a ballast tank with no risk of pollution.

The refloating was successfully accomplished by combined efforts of Smit International, Alpha Logistics, Cormaco and KPA salvage teams.

Had suspected it was the one I captured here…


Sasa Tuvalu ndio wapi?

Yaani for 22 days they couldn’t come up with the exact reason instead of speculating?

Tuvalu is a small island in the South Pacific. Most of their economy is based on leasing the .tv domain and flagging ships like the above.

Tiny Polynesian country favoured by north Korean smugglers in registration of their ships to avoid public scrutiny

how does the business of flagging merchant ships work? I also heard that Liberia has so many ships registered there.

you might want to google “flag of convenience”…

Advantages vary from one FOC register to another but often include the following:

(1) Foreign corporations can register a ship without being established in the territory. (2) Where a company is required to be formed in the State, there are low formation costs. (3) The beneficial ownership of the ship may remain anonymous. (4) Low taxation and other fiscal incentives. (5) No special crew nationality or employment requirements. (6) Relaxed ship age limit. (7) No minimum ship tonnage requirement. (8) Dual registry is allowed in some cases (vessel registered under one country, but simultaneous registry permitted on bareboat charter registry of another country). (9) All IACS (and sometimes other) classification societies permitted to conduct surveys. (10) Speedy and simple registration procedures.

Hii ship nilikua naiona nikipita kilifi bridge

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Hiyo vegetable oil ni ya import to Kenya?

The salvation of MV Theresa Arctic has been concluded successfully. The vessel berthed at Berth No. 9 at the Port of Mombasa at 14.00 hrs. https://t.co/EhSAVRhVUk

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Hii tuliona…

Jubilee development:)hata kama ilichukua 22 days…


See the wall in the first and second pics, the Bajabers, had grabbed that land. Ile moto waliona…!

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