Not new been reading on the side.Went through some threads
And it’s so hurtfull and stupid how some girls and guys here act .We should be United not devided
A certain girl innocently posted pics got so bodyshamed just coz she is beautiful and some of you old girls couldn’t take that decided to say that she shouldn’t take it personal coz the one who said it is a “doctor” BULLSHIT .Now the old girls ganged up on her and there is a drift between the newgirls and oldgirls .The good thing is the girl and her friends took it so well went for it head on without no fear .
There is nothing like don’t take it seriously. We are all wired differently .And some jokes are a no go to some .REMEMBER THAT.
This is also not new as well in my old account miss finest wine went through the same gang of girls.And I unfortunately joined in just to seem cool .Hers was worse to the point we used to get inboxes about how to reply to make her go away .Finest murash I’m very sorry .
So don’t be fooled this all originated from old girls who can’t take a new girl getting all the likes.This is not highschool us girls need to grow up .And to men GROW THE FUCK UP remember to protect not start fires never take sides unless it’s your wife

I’m so disappointed this site is full of bitch ass niggers


@Kimmy unasumbua, fundah! ebu…


feelings zishuke shuke kiasi.


So what’s your other handle that you keep referring to?

You say you were being instructed on how to put the talker down? Evidence or it didn’t happen

Listen new villager, this ain’t a sorority or a frat. This is a collection of faceless handles with a point to prove. Seems you’re cut from the same cloth as that village ho with bleached knock knees. Just put it at the back of your newbie mind, no one is here to sooth your scrawny hiney or validate your whorish ways. And if you do post your nethers here, we’ll treat you as the scum you are. And don’t confuse replies to a thread for popularity.




ata ukuje kurant hapa na new handle sitaku unblock. meffi

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@DeliciousShiko reincarnates.Ktalk must be addictive.
Nv umeffiii rudisha kwa ile shimo umeingilia

You already took your side…Is she your wife you dumbass??

Yall can have this …Am not excited enough to react to this…needs more cleansing material…

nv tulia hapo chini kwanza[ATTACH=full]122126[/ATTACH]


Haija mimi sitamtusi na engo ya uk Tutapelekana my fren msinijaribu

How can you tell she is beautiful from thigh pics? Not that it matters

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[ATTACH=full]122132[/ATTACH] She now knows her place in this republic. Hapana tambua some self entitled slut. I didnt even see that thread but I have had several encounters with her. The fact that she was bullied by multiple people only proves that she has been rubbing some people the wrong way. She will get over it with time and stop being a crybaby. I also understand that she is 21, an age when she is probably young, big headed, knock-kneed and stupid.

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This threads are meffi in my eyes. Who came to rescue Iguana4’s clawmatsu? :smiley:


Finally, a chance to use this… [ATTACH=full]122131[/ATTACH]


Mitch ass nigga… !!! by the end of this thread utakua umemea matiti… Fuck off kama kijiji imekubore or better yet log the fuck of forever.

@irobilyf unasumbua

Im not even sure where this cyberbullying story came from? One nigga made a a remark about her legs in jest and then abandoned the thread almost immediately. The rest of the thread was a couple of people going back and forth for like 8 pages! And they werent even talking about those legs or any other part of the anatomy!!

As for bodyshaming those pics in themselves got MAD likes!
We are talking @introvert cartoon number likes! Me included!
Her first set of pics alone got like 55likes!
Im sure her inbox was full…she must still be going through the countless messages…bado nangojea reply hya message yangu :frowning:


Kuja nikupende

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I am serious. Just inbox me for tender loving care

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