Dirtiest and most disorganized city in Kenya

Those guys that think that Nairobi is disorganized and dirty should make a visit to the coastal city of Mombasa. The city is dirty like a hell hole even within the posh areas of CBD and Nyali its not uncommon to find heaps of garbage lying everywhere. To make the matters worst people like urinating in every available space even besides the walls of major buildings. The place is really dirty and smelly. In addition public toilets are hardly available in Mombasa city as most public spaces are grabbed and if you happen to find one, its smelly and not properly maintained.
If there is a definition of a fully bonobo city and county then it must be Mombasa. I wonder why do the residents of Mombasa reelect such a bonobo useless governor like Joho who cannot even do the basics of cleaning a city… and then you hear that he wants to be the president or deputy prime minister…i mean what the hell! if there are some people who consider him for that position it shows really that Africans need brain transplants and interbreeding.
I am not making my own stuff here, just visit Mombasa for a week, travel around the city and let me know. Don’t confuse Kwale county, Kilifi county and Mombasa county during those travels. I can assure you Mombasa city is a full bonobo county, litter and garbage is everywhere…its dirty and disorganized as hell…You will appreciate Nairobi if you visit Mombasa city

Umenunua another gas cooker ama umeleta mushene hapa arafu baadaye uende kupikia kwa neighbour.


Alafu water borne and food borne diseases. I can’t eat anything in those walk in hotels and restaurants ati sijui to grab a quick lunch. Wacha ikae

Guka @Meria Mata kuja utetee mji yako.

Mombasa is dirty, yes. Very dirty. 10 years of devolution and over 60 billion but that simple thing of cleaning the streets is alien. Lack of adequate water means most homes and businesses depend on borehole water that is salty and not treated well. Bottled water is a must. However the scams that this bottle water companies have become means you just have to buy your own household water treatment and filtration dispenser.

A lot of big infrastructure projects in Mombasa but the essentials basics at the streets and homes are lacking. For a tourist city, lack of cleanliness is a major setback.

What do you expect when the governor is an illiterate panadol seller and a sycophant of the largest untouchable political conman in Africa?

Boss, kondeshwa na yako. This narrative is the beginning of ‘taking over’. We know how it starts. Shughulika na tosheka na kwenu. Jibwa koko mcoondu red

Na @Yollo

Joho alishatuambia if we are not ready to pay for garbage collection tusimlaumu

mngekuwa na akili kidogo mngejua mombasa kuna joto kali na humidity iko juu, waste hudecompose haraka, lazima io smell iwe mombasa.
Public toilets hakuna, sababu kuna waislamu na watu wa bara, na hawajakaa chini wakakubaliana ni maji ama ni toilet paper.
Kwa nini na io uvundo yote mkenya lazima aende mombasa kila weekend na sio town zenu safi za bara?

Watu wa Mombasa kuanzia Governor hadi common wananchi wanastahili wachapwe viboko warudishe akili kichwani.

I cant relate to this shit. My prized apartment in Tamarind, Nyali is to die for!

Ingia malindi ndo ujue vumbi ni nini.

Leave mother city alone. Kwenu Kamariny ndio kusafi ?

Kuna ziwa

Tourists have decided that Kenya is big and beautiful with a lot more than sandy beaches. They opt for the Mara and many other. semi arid areas like huko boonies. They love it. Joho ameshindwa na job. But he did not get the treatment Sonko got.

My only interest in Coast henceforth are the sandy beaches, especially in South Coast. I totally hated Mombasa town the last time I visited there (October last year). Such a big let down from Joho.

Nani anasema Nyali is filthy? Kongowea is not Nyali. V.O.K. is not Nyali. Alcapulco is not Nyali and finally Bombolulu is not Nyali. Kama ulipelekwa huko ukaambiwa uko Nyali then forget it. Nyali ni ocean side ya Links Road pekee.


Savage kingdom.

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