Direct Mail, Collymore To JaKuon

[SIZE=6]Leave my innocent Safaricom staff out of political wars - Collymore

“IEBC needs us to transmit the results because they cannot be transmitted by magic,” he said.

“Some of us have lost billions of money and IEBC is yet to pay. We come here to offer services in good faith and goodwill because yes, IEBC needs us. Dragging us into political drama is so immature and I am so angry about this.”


RAT is a complete looney


Yaani mshapatia the delusional madman another nickname.
RAT, ha ha.

its an acronym. Raila Amollo Tinga:D:D

RAT drags everyone and everything into his muddy waters where he is stuck and can never redeem himself.

[ATTACH=full]129162[/ATTACH]he will walk over anyone…and
[ATTACH=full]129163[/ATTACH]throw mud at anybody for power

Another lexicon… @Meria Mata update it now that wewe ni mod.

Babuon - RAT

My afternoon made:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


Aiiiiiii!!! :D:D:D

ahahah,this funny af!

The one babu mentioned is not funny?kweli mkuki kwa baba tamu.kwa okuyu chungu.


whoever schooled RAT on technological infrastructure gave him a very poor crash course and forgot to mention that servers host databases which are quite independent of the network infrastructure except for ensuring communication of the servers and the client devices. I still laugh when i see RAT trying to explain the intricacies of MYSQL databases only to find out IEBC was using customized oracle platform

All that info is useless to RAT and his followers when they can all say one stupid thing together. Babuon alisema…so ni hivyo tu tunajua na tunataka. You are trying to reason with zombies.

26 tukutane kwa debe

the problem is judges who are also IT illiterate so will think RAT makes a lot of sense…especially when RAT is also their political god


And iebc is still blameless and from reading between lines they haven’t paid safcom

The old vermin is the bane to our existence, a very discordant pain in the proverbial flesh.