Dipped Face Only ..Horribly Male

I dont associate.

Most people are a bag of scrotums.

…but recently i met a friend with his buddy in tow

…light skinned dude. Quite good looking.

…days turned to weeks then it turns out we bump into each other

Almost blurped.

Dude had black legs like shock absorbers za gari

So we now bleach this much, huh?

He wanted to please you more. reassure him your deep affection.

Paul Babu Owino Ongili? Bomoa closet wacha kupayuka.

what happened next after you undressed each other and you realized he’s half bleached?


Piga Closet RKO tuu

Hapa naona closet imepokea upper cut

This is where your muguka chewing sessions in the bush landed you?


King of que… No. King of Kings.

Broke Back ‘Mounting’