diploma IT

College gani poa naeza fanya IT within a year.?

Any IT college


IAT, JKUAT or Strathmore

Take a professional program. MCSE, RHCE, OCP, etc

Jkuat hata classes hakuna…hii shule ni bure sana

Without a diploma/degree, is it advisable?

What specifically do you want to learn in IT?


Why take this route when a guy is young and get good theoretical grounding?

A good understanding of computer systems is always computer science. You will start with basic understanding of maths (algebra, calculus and statistics) and physics. You then proceed to understanding electronics and then digital electronics. Finally, you learn how to program a computer all the way from assembly level to higher levels. You then understand networks, systems and analysis.

With the above skills, you become a resilient professional who can adapt to any changes in tech. Mimi nimekua kwa trenches for some time. Dont underate a good theoretical base.

Siwezi ruka hii part ?

unatumia hizo hesabu KWFT?

Its not hard sir, angalia hii site https://betterexplained.com/guides/calculus/ . I used to ogopa these things. Siyo ngumu. We only have bad teachers.

Siyo ngumu sana. Just try it kidogo kidogo. Maths is very intuitive if you learn it the right way. If you have some time, pitia hapa kidogo


Good advice guys, following,
What of peasants kama mimi Hana mtu wa kumsomesha, what can I learn online faster and nipate kajob hivi??
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Kama uko na good bandwidth kuna platform kadhaa
Register alafu enroll

Get a lowly paid job in return for training. IAT (college) had a program called Earn&Learn. Pay was 12k but you got training all the way to MCSE including examinations. Ilisaidia watu sana, most beneficiaries are now ICT heads in major organizations.