Dingy Bro_Hells updates (August 2021)

So, I posted a thread earlier asking for the most dingy brothels in CBD, and so I did the most honourable thing a villager can do, I visited them all. Results ziko hivi

  1. Relax Inn - it’s located in Duruma rd. Adjacent to the famous Texas. Dingy heaven. This place carries the most hoes in the CBD currently. All shapes and sizes, mostly the young ones (over 18 still).

Shida ya hii place imejaa sana to the maximum, plus the crowd ya huko mostly wanakaa tu wakora, if you prefer to drink I can’t recommend. Security ni wewe.

  1. Sabina Joy - Can’t classify it as dingy, they’ve upgraded. Very clean and secure spot located in the middle of the CBD, Moi ave. The hoes are hot and drinks expensive.

  2. Somerset (Currently Soma) - Located at Latema adjacent to the famous Modern Green. They have upgraded the place since last time I was there, still dingy and the hoes are desperate and in plenty. Security ni karau kukushika kwa hiyo chuom hapo nje.

  3. Tea Room - wamama

  4. Rico Fries - Located at the end of Luthuli ave. Ukishuka downtown. Chilled spot, the hoes are aggressive but a bit friendly. All types young and old. Usi make friends na hoes. No matter how lonely you are. Utakumbuka tu hii statement ukipigwa character development.

  5. Green Club - Fancy, not dingy. Located at Latema. Drinks are a bit highly priced. Hoes are available kwa rooms na some in the bar.

  6. Sophia Joy - I left this as my favourite for last. Located at Keekorok rd. Near the famous liddos opposite Gabeez. I love the place. If you prefer dingy places this is it. The crowd is very ratchet, people are free with each other. Ukikaa mbaya utaibiwa ama ukuwe fala ubuyie watu drinks. The hoes are super fly and still down to earth, some even look like university graduates. Again, make friends with hoes at your own risk.

The other places are just not worth mentioning. Boring and unreliable. I have plenty of pictures and videos from the tour, with so much booty. Available for generous donors, nipate pesa ya ku explore strip clubs. Thank you for your input. If I didn’t mention your favourite joint ya kuosha eyes, let me know.


Umewacha kitale, kericho, amar, Kuna ingine hapo otc


@hoe_is_life literally

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what is “kupigwa character development”? sijaiona kwa ktalk lexicon…

This is not a bad update, but preference I think ni personal,or depends on someones choice or liking

Can you also review those outside CBD

@uwesmake ongezea danguro za Eastpolis.
@administrator pin for future reference.

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Getting yourself into unpleasant situation, in this case kuibiwa,kuwekewa bishori na hao hoes ndio umee akili:D:D

Am curious, why are you interested in dingy joints, It can’t be for research purposes

Thanks for the update, sj ndyo napendanga, unakula vitu na kutoka bila wasiwasi ya kushikwa na polisi

Share photos bana

Hio ya kukuwa friendly na hoes I think is dependent on the hoe, sio wote wabaya. There is a petite yellow yellow I banged in Rico fryz.nilishindwa kukam after kumpendua styles zote mpaka tukagongewa mlango. I had drunk too much Faxe I think. I told her we go to Milano, she was game. Nivenye I lost saik and continued drinking instead. The next time I met her I reminded her how I didnt cum last time akacheka yake yote. She asked me kwani ulikua umekunywa nini last time. Told her asijali what I drank, Leo lazima revenge. Akasema Sawa. Bado alikua anakunywa malt nimemnunulia nikamshow tubebe drinks. Told her we go to Milano akasema hakuna haja. Kumbe ricoz pia iko na rooms za 3hours unalipa 500bob.Tulienda huko nikamkula missionary then doggie tukarudi kukunywa. I only paid 400bob shoti mbili. After she left me at the table, aka ni call akiniambia nitoke ricoz coz makarao wanafanya operation. Walikua wamejaza watu kwa mariamu after kuwa arrest hizo ma club zingine vip na tearoom. The time was around 11am on a Thursday.As I was leaving, wochie wa ricoz akanishow niendelee kuchapa drinks coz already ashachapa ile mlango ya burglar proof kifuli mbili makarao hawawezi ingia. I sat down nikaendelea ku drink. At around midday huyo hoe akarudi akanichapia story venye watu wame bebwa. Alidai nimbaie bia mbili halafu nimkule shoti moja but sikuwa na saik. Kuna venye mtu huboeka akishanyanduana. Si mapoko wote wabaya.

Where are Relax Inn and Sabina Joy located

Relax inn iko duruma rd near Kampala Coach, Sabina Joy iko moi Avenue opposite kencom. You’re welcome.

Just wait for the consequences my fren…

Rico pia mtu hugongewa mlango?? Na vile rooms huko ni mob. Siku nilikuwa nafikishanga threshold sijai gongewa mlango kabisaaa!

Wife aliacha kukushow madharau?

When was this?

Two weeks ago. A day after nipate road accident. Sikuwa na doh so nikaenda huko kutoa stress.