Dimitri Cash nabbed by FBI after kidnapping his kids from foster home

This issue of biological vs CPS/foster/adoptive parents. Kids were found in Alabama after police put out an amber alert. The dad says his kids were having bruises from abuse by foster family. Still hopeful that Orson and the brother will be found safe too.



@Finest wine how does CPS work? You remove the child from biological parents then you do not monitor them in foster or adoption homes? Some are abused and others even go missing there’s no follow up and can the biological parents get their kids back.

The system in America is different from Europe or UK for that matter…and such cases are rare nowadays because of the stringent measures the gava put in place. The evil Naijos had found a way of making money as they are normally paid a lot. So stories of abuse were quite rampant…actually even deaths. Siku hizi jaribu kuingia hizo registers and be prepared for background checks stretching back to your grandma in Mushatha…

USA are still using them to mint cash. There’s a sad case 2 boys went missing in December from the adoption family. They had 2 bio and 4 adopted kids.

I find the US govt very careless at times. For instance I know guys who arrived huko juzi hawana papers and they are working in nursing homes in Seattle owned by Kenyan mamas. That can never happen in the UK today. I will give you an example of myself. I am a civil servant so not delivering services directly but the checks I had to go thru wacha tuu. They rattled my mum huko ‘Ndumberi’ when I asked for certain details about my grandparents.
Yaani Naijas had gone as far as bringing kids from back home, mistreating them, child labour and no schooling, beating the ‘demons’ out of them. Look up the Victoria Climbie case. The laws were changed. These days the police on the beat have a right to stop and ask you why the child you are with is not in school!!

USA CPS vamoos once the kids are adopted. These boys who are now trending all over were adopted early last year as early as April last year neighbors were not seeing them when the biological mom insisted that she wanted to see her kids is when adopted parents send 4 kids to their mother and then called police ati the kids have disappeared in a span of 5 minutes. I don’t know how these 2 think they can get away with it.

These 2 got away for some months but FBI found the kids finally buried in their yard

I don’t follow these American cases coz I think some of the murders could have been easily avoided. We all know that you should not leave a child unattended. Period. America is largely a me me me society sadly it stretches to the kids.
Europe is not America so we are governed by a different set of laws and regulations. One thing about the Brits is that if they amua to close avenues they do it from all angles.
Bottom line is usizae watoto if you can’t hack it. Benjamin spelt it out on the clip you tagged me to.