Dilemma, will they judge me?

You are lucky to sit next to a fine lady and everyone is looking at you to see how you will handle the situation or you are seated at the back of a shuttle and the lady is in the middle should you go first or let the other guy start a conversation? Hii uoga ya kuitwa fisi inanimaliza:(

Just act married and ignore her. There isnt a rule that states one has to hit on every woman they find attractive


Cowards live longer

hii uoga ndo inafanya wanaume hawaget married

Not necessarily,i’m currently interested in one woman only and she is good enough for me.

UOGA na FISI please dont mix these two words together,unaangusha watu

The problem with betas is that they feel like they have to be hitting on every skirt to prove themselves. To top it off they have to tell the whole world. Cc. Uwes

beta ni nani na anaishi wapi ?

Hehe…sikujua utaona hii comment.

Your main problem is hapo. You are more concerned with the opinions of others. Yes all of us care what other people think. The problem is if you let what you think other people are thinking define you. In short, if you genuinely feel like talking to the bish go for it. If you don’t , it’s fine.

He who hesitates masturbates ~ @Ice_Cube 2017

:smiley: ladies don’t bite…chill for a couple of minutes so you can all relax & settle in vehicle. Lean towards her and ask any open-ended question e.g Kwani uliamua hautawahi smile till Rao akuwe president?

The thing about women, if you are well dressed, look confident & have a sense of humour all you have to do is break the ice and she parrots all the way.

Best quote of the year…

The irony !!

Huwa sichukui number, am I a fisi?

makunguru nao pia wamekuwa wengi

although hio one liner yako, unaweza patana na siz ya @Grundy

Buda…I have no siz unfortunately. Nirushie siz yako we discuss about UOTP and RWNBP.

mimi siz yangu? buday you will have to raise your hands towards mt kenya and proclaim RWNEEBPNEO(not even once)!