Digital Migration

:(Ni wangapi hii mwezi wamehave kupgrade TV systems for gfs, Mpangos, grannys, and such?

I had to, but halfheartedly.I kept telling her that there is this new thing called fta that @Meria Mata told us about, but she wouldn’t listen, ikabidi nichukue gotv

Never been keen with FTA but think I will have to, maybe am just not yet willing to move out of the comfort zone

guys, i told you am selling FTA decoders. Sasa ukimnunulia GoTV, next month ukuwe ready to pay the subscription. Wacheni kujifunga, hamia FTA. Check my earlier listing on FTA decoders.

And btw, did Ihear vizuri that GoTV and StarTimes are airing the ADN signals illegally? Wacha mtaachwa na hizo GoTv zenye haziwes shika hata KBC. Mtakuja niwagonge 5k for the FTA am begging you to take for 4K.

Sasa is Gotv programming really better than FTA?

GoTV is only good for kids during the holidays.

How is bamba tv ? I want to buy it for my old folks upcountry , they dont require fancy fta’s decoders, local stations are enough for them.

Don’t take bamba. Mnaenjoyia bila kujua.
And btw these FTA decoders aren’t fancy at all. They are actually best suited for those folks.

Aviator the cheapest FTA ni gani? at the moment na tumia DSTV sambaza

I will give you a Scantech T2-601 for 3800.

am a specs guy give the low down.

Go get a universal decoder for about 5500 or 5k for your folks ocha and forget about proprietary products. Itashika mob ata hiyo Bamba. Bamba wako na good programming kama DW na Knowledge, but their signal keeps on cutting off so I woulnt trust them with software or hardware. Buy a universal decoder to catch all free to air stuff.

What am offering him is a universal decoder. You are right on the pricing. Gave him that coz he’s a talker.

Drop contacts on [email protected] tumaluze hii bizna.

which contacts… can we open a thread on mail? done i have sent

hizo mnauziwa zitazimwa na CCK

Check if Scantech T2-601 is approved by CAK before you pour my unga! Nini bwana!

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Aggressive marketing

Inahitajika kenya hii