Digital decoders Dealership

Fellow orphans,
I want to venture into this business. Not on a very big scale since my capital is limited.

Kindly advise on best suppliers- good quality decorders and sensible margins. Also for assorted items like aerials. My capital is 100k.

Orphan? what orphan? Imma be a #ListerForLife

Too late, what have you been waiting for all that time.You aren’t any different from the 3 ugly sisters.

Hehehehe, this is the time demand is hitting. Everyone was hopeful that the three sisters (I prefer to call them bitches) would get a leeway somewhere.

IF you can get very cheap decoders say 1500 and below then try it, but you need lots of marketing since not many people are aware of the fta decoders

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That is my plan, plus am targeting rural areas. Nairobi watu wamenunua tayari.

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ukumbuke juu Nairobi washanunua hata the other dealers pia wanaconcentrate na rural areas

Isorait. Competition is healthy.