Digital Bus

One of a kind digital bus unveiled:

Mount Kenya University has unveiled a one of a kind “digital bus” that will revolutionalize student transport in Kenya.
The 62-seater bus, acquired a cost of Ksh15 million, is fitted with high speed,wireless internet, secondary charging ports for digital devices and interconnected TV screens to enable students carry on their studies “on the go.”
pics Courtesy of Mount Kenya University

Good idea especially kwa group work. Is the net the same kama ile ya akina mash wanatumia orange; when the bus reaches certain speeds internet inapotea?

Lakini najua mimi na wenzangu ni kusaka torrents na kushare porn kwa screens

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hii na basi za mombasa tofauti ni?

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I can guarantee you that this will not happen.The last thing you want to do on a bus is study.


Studies mean watching porn in this context.


this is a blessing to all wankers…wish i had this back in campo

Mount Kenya University is a private institution? Then this must be a selling gimmick to attract the young! Besides, the bus is evidently locally assembled so it is a clever ploy! If it was like the cosy Modern Coast’s Oxygen bus…?

MKU is the socialite of the universities

Bus was fabricated by BanBros

wank in a bus?

I always see it as “Body by Bangbros”


Unless of course kuna Cat ama Exams that morning…and Jameson told u dont need to study the previous night…and Tequila agreed with him.:smiley:


ANd how many of the thousands of students will fit into that bus?

mi naona watu wakilalishwa chini na izo ma smartphone zote na laptop zinaenda


Hawataangalia nje ya dirisha, even with distractions from roast-maize sellers? Haiya?

shtupid,idm kwa bus then wank away kwa room

hehe ati so that the student can study on the go ? most will be downloading porn or movies, but this is a good idea especially for long road trips kama zile za kwenda coast

from mayakos junction hua hakuna net

Bado tunakumbuka wewe ni mwizi wa laptops…