@Digi White people are stupid too: These are Mexicans burning when the pipeline they were stealing fuel from ignited.

Mexican are an ethic group of the Caucasian race.



Washenzi kabisa. They deserved what they got. Nani hajui mafuta is highly flammable? Those death cries though@Tom Bayeye naona unaogopa Siberia kwelikweli

What the heck…

I think poverty brings in another level of stupidity that can’t be explained… All race!

Ni stupidity, ignorance ama greed that causes people to this sh1t? Kuna ka shetani fulani hua kanaita watu mafuta ikimwagika mahali ama

Mexicans aren’t white people, but they have characteristics of black people in their behaviour.

Most mexicans came from spain and other european countries after spain colonists killed indegenous people

Just another day in Darwin…

Mexicans are not white, they are brown. You are either White or you are not.

Some diety huangalia tu hi uchenzi ya brown black white anacheka akijua yeye Ni colorles

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D after africans its always southamericans who follow in being dumb.look at venezuela …it has juat turned to another Zimbabwe.

We know you hate your own you arab wannabe

Nyama choma…

Na tusker export…

Music plenty:D:D:D:D:D:D…

Noma sana, poleni kwao.

Stupid people are widely spread

I’m not Somali for one, I don’t think race or color is significant either.
I’m truly African only difference between me and you is I’ve been exposed to many cultures.
I consider myself an international citizen :D.

Mexicans are an Indian race.

Very few Mexicans are white, most are mulatto and native American Indians and their admixtures with white and black. The only country in South America with a significant white population is Argentina.

Native americans make about 5% of mexican population of over 120 million. Afro-mexicans are less than 1.5 million people. Admixtures btn europeans and indigenous are many yes, but remember all europeans in Mexico classify themselves as mestizos just to belong. This also has been the policy of government since revolution

ingia hapo liveleak kuna ka vindio