Digi, Hakimoto arrested

reo huwezi kuwaona hapa
TWO pieces of Elephant Tusks & SIX rounds of Ammunition were last night recovered by SCPU Detectives in Nairobi’s Huruma and Kayole areas respectively. The Operation triggered by a tip-off led to the arrest of Two suspects; Peter Mugi Kamau (Huruma) & Jamal Guyo Dida (Kayole).
Also recovered in Mugi’s house after thorough search were Two Ethiopian Passports bearing different names, United Bank and Wegagen Bank Savings Account Books also bearing another person’s name. Both suspects in custody & to be arraigned on Monday.
from MMNN



mngekuja kwa chief nibebe hizi fitu na container, saa hii mngekua na chapaa kwa mfuko

Wapi ule jamaa atuambie kama hizi ni tungsten bullets.

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