Different year, same scenario

Like father, like son - all the way around.

what are we downloading?

Download utuambie. Na si tafasari

I willu waiti for fillech fitpaka pefore i townloat

10.7mb za virusi…??

mzee kenyatta wakijibizana na jaramogi

Cant click to download ata kama ni clit

Mzee Kenyatta tearing into a defiant Jaramogi. Just reminiscing- you may have heard it previously. Ever hear mzee narrate the story where he tells Luos to clear land for farming? Then they say they don’t have slashers so he brings them in truckloads. Later on he notices that they are not farming so he asks “what’s the problem now?” They say they don’t have jembes and once again, he brings those too.When they still won’t farm, he asks them what they want and they tell him: “mzee, nani atatulimia mashamba!!!”. Onyatto loses it and retorts back “kumanina zenu <censored if you can believe that :)>… kaeni na njaa!”

its clean but you pro’ly find it on utube.

Sweeps directed towards Oginga at 4:11 and 5:20 respectively.

@Eng’iti, @ScotlandYard, @simiyu,@Mundu Mulosi, @Swansea, @Abba, @coldpilsner and other UOTP multi hundles must listen to the above clip…kumbe wembe ni ule ule.

acha uchokozi.

10Mb pale kwa uncle @uwesmake inanipea full HD wanking clips.

10mb kwani ni series

:D:D:D:D kukumbusha watu wako in the wrong.

Vulgar like the son. Reckless speech just like the angry son

Realistic Man(Kenyatta) unlike the selfish self centered man who forgets his people also need food… Abba emotions skiza the message.

Isn’t there a better way to tell the truth than inserting “kuma mamako”? By putting this 2 words, does it make the message more heavier and stronger ? That’s where my issue is. Same words the son uses" mugoroki, mademoni, hao watu, kimodo"

Sometimes logic has to be shoved off just to drive a point to a Dimwit.