Didimus barasa seasoned conman

Didimus ni mp wa uncle @uwesmake [ATTACH=full]377280[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]377281[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]377282[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]377283[/ATTACH]

Kenyans should do background checks on some of these politicians

Thats serious

No one is clean from jomo and oginga. Yote meffi

Try that with all politicians. You will soon realize 99% of them are cons. it’s just the nature of the game. Don’t hate the player, it’s how it’s played.

shida ya society tunalaumu wanasiasa. sisi wenyewe ni conmen.

Wewe ume con watu nini? Twanzie hapo

sijasema mimi mwenyewe

Con artistes are the scum of the earth

Ruto hupenda hawa conmen sana … i dont know what role they usually play on his team

Birds of a feather flock together.


He represents those who voted for him. Venye anakaa ni kama tu voters wa huko wenye walimchagua.

Didimus Barasa is a conman extraordinaire. He even lies that he was in the army which he wasn’t. He then lies that he studied and worked in Australia… just a completely fake guy. But that is Kenya for you.

And in that brief time he even got promoted to captain??? I would only believe this story if it was corroborated by the current Air force commander.

@BADASS kumbe hii ngombe DIDMUS MUTUA inakuwanga ni half mkamba wenyu , CHUKUENI YEYE AKUWE mp WA mAYAKOS.

but how does DCI, EACC , IEBC clear known thugs to run for office ?

ukifanya research vizuri 95% of MPs have cases in court , mkubwa wao Ruto ako na kesi za wizi convicted not even in court Muteshi he was found guilty of land grabbing, Weston he was found guilty, ile alinyonga msee live akiwa na Jirongo. kesi Hague.

Raira ako na kesi za SPECTRE kama kumi kortini, Kalonzo ameiba mashamba huko Tseikuru , Wetangula pesa za Embassy na zile washwash walipiga Abdul, Mudavadi Goldenberg na cemetery land, Gideon Moi all his wealth is blood money, UHUNYE ni msafi cleared by hague.

This Earth (Kenya) is a jungle ,eat or be eaten:D remember uhuru’s 2 billion computer error scandle wen he was finance minister

We have had a good marital exchange with baruyas for long time ,even my aunt is married to a omusakulu engineer of soi past eldoret,this thug wekesa ako na damu half ya kamutih community

Someone posted event which conspired at kimwerer dam scandal and that man ruto is a ruthless money hungry ghaseer which will sink this country to the bottom of the food chain

He is better as an mp that more that 90%of all mps in Western province. There is a reason why odm gave him a FREE Direct nomination in 2017 which he rejected