did you know that with less than 5k per year you can take a domestic package against fire and theft that will include all risk,i.e phone,tablet laptop,jewellery and all other valuables that are used outside your home, if all valuables are worth 500,000.Think how many phones you have lost,their value,divided the number of years you have been loosing your phones

I have never lost a phone. Perhaps against fire. I dont give much shit abt household goods, but people yes.

Broker alert, jamaa wa turadio ananyang’anywa kazi!

Yep I just got one last month from First Assurance coz I have lost so many portable electronics

You’ve just gave me an idea to mint quick cash. Thank you sir lets meet when you are settling my claim. Leo nachoma nyumba

what the fuck does this mean?
lets assume i have lost 2 phones each worth 50,000 over 2 years. so:
50000x2 = 50,000
what does number represent? you are a terrible salesman! this is why no one likes you and you have no real friends but your left hand and that tub of margarine.

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Define theft? Does it include stuff carted away by pishori-wielding females like in the case of Fisi 1 @pepo punda?

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I have insured my phone since 2012. Since then I have lost my phone twice na nimelipwa na Kenya orient

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Sema hauna kitu ya maana kwa Nyumba

Punguza nyege kijana. Enda sabina joy

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Nyinyi ni wale watu tv na sofa ndio precious worldly belongings.

Now assume you have lost three phones that is a 75000 loss but with 5k a year they can insure you against that loss… Wacha kujifanya smart ass apa na utumie kichwa poa c kushikilia maskio tu NKT


Really have u ever done sales…utuelezee more…


A smart TV is worthy to be insured

To me. unless it earns something.

Which company is offering this cover?

So if you bought a personal car you wouldn’t insure it?

The guy has not told us what the 50,000 represents…especially since you are dividing the total cost by time. Its like me telling you take the total value of all your assets and divide it by your age. Pray tell, what will the figure/ratio tell you?

That would just be theft and may not be covered under your policy. Your policy may have burglary whose meaning is entirely different under the law

Sina tablet, jewellery, na laptop ni ya job so I don’t care kama wameinshure, simu sina shida nae… sema kitu ingine