Did we really have to join the civilised world?

Çivilised’ life is a never ending rat race. You are born then socialised to covet and chase after never ending desires. The civilised material culture is rewarding to a few but a bottomless pit of poverty and desperation for the majority.
Flash back to the days of our ancestors…life was simpler…much much simpler. Some cultures like the Surma of Ethiopia have remained mostly uncivilised, and many cultures like our own Turkana have also mostly remained true to their culture. Theirs to an untrained eye is a pitiful lifestyle, but to those who value cultural identity, it is the most meaningful existence.
The question is, is it truly advantageous to adopt western style cultural, religious and economic structures? Who gains the most from our push for industrialisation? What has civilisation given to maknind;[ATTACH=full]10448[/ATTACH] who shall sustain the earth? The industrialist or the hunter gatherer?


Its not a choice. Or you would be a slave wiping white man’s poop right here in kenya. The world is a a place of eternal struggle. You have to compete and fight to stay afloat. You have to defend your freedom every minute because very many people, including those about you, want to take it away.

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Yeah, life was much simpler… dying of now curable diseases and infections, child mortality, low life expectation… Hell, I might invent a time machine so I can go back to the glory days.

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Whats this post about?#commitingSuicide

I doubt I would have survived malaria and other afflictions that have attempted to murder me severally in precolonial Africa. Modern medicine is the reason people are waiting up to their forties and get only one child. A hundred years ago you would have been sure to be childless a few years down the line if you got one child. It was rare to find a family that didnt loose a sibling in childhood. Death was everywhere. bacterial infection of any kind was almost sure to kill.

No way Jose Me no sleep on cow hide and die of measles and smallpox while getting raided by neighboring communities only to die because of 2 head of cattle .
kids dying of malaria and other preventable disease. Walking for miles !
Call me colonized , I aint going back to wiping arse with leaves


Malaria was easily prevented by doing the exact same thing that we’re urged to do now but don’t; cut long grasses, empty pools of standing water. Cholera, dysentery, measles, smallpox, typhus, influenza, typhoid, tuberculosis, influenza and many others were all brought by the white man. We were not just sitting around waiting for something to kill us. There were all kinds of local medicine for different kinds of ailments. When the white man came, these remedies were termed as juju and dismissed as foolish and backward. Of course now they call it herbal medicine and it’s all the rage in the west. Children grew up in far cleaner environments than today; no open sewers, no pollution from cars causing asthma, no cuts from broken bottles. They ate wholesome foods like cereals and grains vegetables grown in clean environments foods low in sugar, salt and fats, nothing wrapped in plastics

And of course let’s not forget about lifestyle diseases. No hypertension, no obesity, no cancers, no diabetes, no food allergies, no heart diseases, no depression, no anxiety disorders. Nobody drove to the gym and then spent an hour on the treadmill or exercise bike running or cycling to nowhere. Parents did not spend more than 12 hours at work trying to make ends meet or trying to make themselves feel better by acquiring things they did not need. Dinnertime daddy was home with the not at work or stuck in traffic or at the bar trying to hanya the barmaid. Parents spend quality time with their kids teaching them through observation. Everyone looked out for each much more than they do today. I’m not saying it was easy; it was hard, but we lived like loving people. We never lived like dogs. And that whole warring tribes thing is an absolute myth, I’m a mix of kikuyu and kalenjin blood by my great great grandmother. Kikuyus regularly hosted Maasai in their villages when there were droughts.
Walk for miles? Kenya is renown for people who run for miles.

How does wiping your ass with tissue paper make you more civilised than wiping it with leaves. The Romans used a piece of cloth tied around a stick that was left in their public toilets to be reused by others.


Populations are high today because of modern medicine. Epidemics were wiping out whole populations before that and not only in africa, but everywhere. Even white people had their time with magic, piercings, exorcism and other weird treatments. And those diseases you claim were brought by the white man its pure bullshit except for smallpox which is known to have been imported. The myth that africans lived longer long time ago is simply wishful chest thumping. Africans had to breed like ants to be assured that their children survive the frequent tropical disease outbreaks. We couldnt even count children out of fear. And no people were ever free of diseases. And again, we didn’t import lifestyle diseases from anywhere.

It does not matter how much people whine, you have to compete here on earth. That is the state of things. The moment you choose to remain inferior in strength, even as a whole race, you are calling for extinction. And no one will remember you. That is what happened to native Americans and Australians. They didn’t have the warfare technology and they couldn’t stand diseases. Today, the white man walks proudly over original Australian’s and Indian American’s land and has no apologies to make. Wishing that white man would have done otherwise is a complete misunderstanding the state of nature. Nature has no place for weakness.

Religious teaching is largely responsible for the ego-centrism that affects most people: That they are supposed to exist and thrive just by rule; that the white man should have used some “moral” standard and avoided colonizing others; that they have a place in the world that rightly belongs to them and should be respected. Any code of morality is man made, and it only serves the interests of the group that makes it, and it is not and has never been universal. The fact is that you are respected only through fear and your freedom and right to exist is maintained by nothing but constant force and intimidation. Nothing is indispensable to extinction or suffering.

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There are many things about our existence we dont really understand. Modern medicine, and long life is not necessarily a good thing. Africans may have been living by probability, 3/10 children surviving, but the 3 that did survive were virtually undestructible. Look at the few really old people we have as proof, they rarely visit a hospital. Modern medicine has made man a weak soup of chemical imbalance. We are no longer kienyeji chicken, we have become mass produced anti-biotic filled lab rats.
Africans are still reaping the benefits of their ancestors long term resistance to modern science. We are genetically stronger and more resilient to the elements, but at our rate of çivilisation’, this may not last for many more generations.
The modern world has made weaklings live longer. It used to be the stronger seed that bore more fruit, leading to a hardy robust generation. No chance of overpopulation, no chance of dying from common cold. Now we can hardly feed 6 billion people, we have to orchestrate wars and mass enslavement via poverty to feed a few wealthy individuals.



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What is that?
Your statement is fascist and without basis. Why do you think Africans are genetically stronger yet they are the ones with most problems, and are least able to compete with others. Why are so many Africans good at chest thumping without having anything to show for it and can never admit their problems. They are most egocentric and think they are the best and yet can do nothing to compete with the west.
I would rather survive despite physical weakness. And who said physical strength is the ultimate adaptation. I would rather survive than have some other nigger living in my place.

And about the Turkanas. Why do they need relief food so often? And if they continue living that way, they will find themselves squatters or extinct. Lets see how much of oil money they will get as opposed to the people who have an understanding of how the world works in Nairobi.