Did Wanyoike Thungu and Ben Gethi Kill JM?

According to Kamau Ngotho, a veteran Kenyan journalist, Thungu, the president’s unofficial bodyguard, and Ben Gethi, the GSU Commandant, were the last people to be seen alive with JM.

" Sitting in the panel that interrogated the MP minutes after his abduction from the Hilton Hotel, Mzee Kenyatta’s bodyguard had angrily demanded to know why JM would “so much disrespect the President as to go around the country insulting the head of state as if they were age-mates!”
When JM denied the charge and began explaining, the President’s bodyguard handed him such a heavy blow to the face, knocking off all his front teeth.
In anger, JM made to reach for a pistol concealed in his jacket, but GSU commandant Ben Gethi, the only person in the room who knew JM was armed, was quick on the trigger and shot him in the shoulder to disarm him.
Knowing that at the point JM couldn’t be taken to any hospital without news of the high drama leaking, a decision was made that he be “finished” at Ngong Forest and his body given to hyenas to feast on.
Fortunately, the wild animals refused to be enjoined in the crime."

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Hata wao si walikufa tu? Hata huyo Kenyatta saa hii ni mifupa! Power corrupts.

Huyo jamaa wa nation talks alot of things that can’t be proven

And absolute power corrupts absolutely.

For sure for real!

JM was a crook. However he died because of a love triangle. Both he and Kamau Ngotho were fighting over Mzee Jomo secretary. She later married the founding father aide de camp.

Kamau Ngotho? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Your territory, educate us. She instead married Marsden Madoka.

Kamau Ngotho is a 54-year old journalist who writes for the Nation even today…He was barely 10 when JM was killed…

Aiii Kamau the journalist?

Uncle ameshikwa tena akidanganya :D:D

my friend hapa ni tusker imeandika. the woman (kenyatta’s secretary) was married by Major Marsden Madoka, the ADC.

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Was this the same nigga who kidnapped an Ethiopian aka general mathenge; akatuletea hapa nyairofi ?

hapana, that was joseph karimi who earlier wrote the kenyatta succesion with phillip ochieng.

My mistake I meant Thungu and its White Cup like Guka here though I haven’t drunk any alcohol for 6 weeks now.

JM alikuwa anakula wife wa Mzee, that’s why he had to go.

You noticed that too??o_Oo_O I did and that is why I stopped reading his articles. Most of the evidence he produces to give credit to his stories are personal conversations he had with the individuals, most of who are dead men ([COLOR=rgb(184, 49, 47)]how convenient)
I prefer reading John N̶g̶o̶t̶h̶o̶ Kamau, who also writes about issues on modern history of Kenya but whose evidence is usually external sources.

Can’t seem to recall this one and the internet doesn;t seem to yield any hits…any links?