Did he just say that?

The mp for kibra has just advised the people of western kenya live on national Tv to forget growing sugarcane and instead engage in growing medicinal marijuana…

Ujinga kweli ni ya kuzaliwa…

He explained his point. I didn’t know that, but I liked his charisma, either way

waluyha sio wajinga kama wajaluo,hio bangi atawatafutia soko?

That is a forward thinking MP. Colorado expects to make $184 millon in marijuana tax revenues.


Atheismo liked that.

Mboi-I-kamiti too liked it

I knew he would get some support from some quarters in this village.

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I fully support him, if you listened to the debate you should have gotten the point.

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Let them make the relevant laws 1st t to legalize it, sio kuropoka tu.

wah,he must be joking,you know who will be selling the bangi…nyinyi mkuze,.sisi tuuze

Bangi should be legalized. In Bunyore, people never get arrested for smoking it. There are far worse crimes the government should concern itself with than people lighting a joint for medicinal/recreational purposes.

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finally an MP is using his brain

Your avatar says it allo_O
I’ve never smoked bhang in my life…what is the feeling when you do it for the first time…?

To add on that, there is no reason why our prisons should be filled with people arrested for possessing one roll of mary-jane. That drains public resources and reduces overall economic productivity.

Hehehe. you’ve got to try it to know how it feels. But, I don’t smoke it anymore but I have no problem with people who do.

The problem is that we dont have the right systems to keep in check the abuse of the herb.
Let me take a spliff kwanza.

yule jamaa wa “bangi iwe huru” should change his handle to “bangi ihalalishwe” and thank me for the precision as well.

Bhangi sio haram. Sheria za binadam, ambazo zimeufanya mmea kuwa kama mfungwa, zafaa kutupiliwa mbali.
The term “legalize marijuana” is wrong. The cannabis plant is in fact a captive of the state and therefor should be free!

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