Dicc Phobia ...??

I’m new in here , and probably don’t understand all the rules…
Is it allowed to post Dicc pics in here or not …???
One of my posts has just been deleted …
And what do the ladies in here have to say about it …??

“Yes… And the ladies will love it”…and it was not deleted it’s because you didn’t post more than 10pictures.

All the ladies here in unison think you are irredeemably stupid.

go back to your mzansi porn site.

You have a small penis, that’s why you get the urge to show it around


lol. hajafikisha threshhold ya kuifanya thread

gay detected enda telekram ndugu yangu

Stray musevenis cow.


No comment at this time …

are YOU a lady . …or their spokesperson …by any chance …???

Hapa the rules are >4 inches or instant deletion.

kama ni ocular hypertension soothing fienyechi sawa.hio ingine pelekea frisk atakusaidia


Complex , Complicated People with toxic language … What a welcome …!!

Kuna unwritten rule of the universe Hata Kabla internet itoke dating back to the days men sat under trees to conduct forums kama ktalk.

  1. kama venye wazee WA kale walipoint haga na boobs za madem wakitoka mtoni Hata hapa post pic za madem the sexy the better. Hakuna venye mzee angetoa Johnny aanze kuuliza wenzake wampe comments. Bro that’s just gay
    2)kama unaona sex game imeshinda ya king Solomon enda conquer halafu angusha hekaya na evidence Hata Solomon alitoa evidence ya bethsheba Hata kama haikunice
    Now that you are educated go conquer the world of ktalk good luck.

Noted …

Lakini pia , …Intolerance na Matusi hapa ni too much …!!

Whatever happened to the Democratic Right of Free Expression …?? …Ama hakuna hapa KTALK …?? [ …na hasa hizi Anti-GAY sentiments …?? ]