Diaspora Tweng



Hehehe kujichocha

:D:D:DThis what I was telling monkey in the other post a few minutes ago.

Ice Chupi ulikuwanga 2go kitambo?

kitambo sana kwanini

I remember a semi-famous nigga called ice cube. Cricket room



haha 2go bado inakuanga?!

its still kicking but very boring shemales selling nudes, cheap insults and weed.

wahh heh sasawa… nilifika ultimate nikapoteza details za login

then there was mig33

ilikua bure kabisa…

Mig33 is the place nilipata another ka-mkamba chic that wanted anal bwana and general dinyix! Ilinisaidia dry-spell!

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Was there in 2008. My hobby was flooding those Asian rooms

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Nilishinda kwa ma-lesbian rooms nikikatia ma-dame. But i had to pretend i was a chic. Dame akiniitisha picha I send a random pic from the net.

same here the lesbian chats were my favorite abode, na nilikua drys pell mbaya

I have a pal who went to US around 2004 and we had’nt spoken till juzi when I called him. The guy has sahaud the letter “T”…when the conversation ended he said " I’ll hill you up layler!"
I took me a full minute to realise he said he’ll hit me up later.

haha people are different, I spent almost four years abroad but came back the only thing nilikua nyuma kidogo was sheng since it is very dynamic and even when in Kenya one cannot keep up