Diary of a homebody.

Nothing makes me more satisfied than staying indoors in my pyjamas with a good book or just being a couch potato watching TV while enjoying a huge tub of ice cream. I have friends, not the ones on Netflix but real actual friends…well just two but it’s better than nothing. They had somehow managed to convince me to go to a night club last night and even though I was a bit sceptical, I felt it wasn’t really a bad idea. I haven’t been to a night club for a long time but the few times I’ve been, something irksome always happened. Either a drunk person wants to grab me and I wanna punch them, I spot a guy I have had a fling with or they try to over charge for some average drink but hey!, I had watched a movie a night before, and they had a nightclub scene, they had a tiny bit of human interaction and it felt mentally healthy and it appeared to be fun. I was therefore determined to make the best out of the night.

At around lunchtime I was asking myself why the day is moving so slow, so picked an outfit for the night, logged into ktalk to check if I could insult someone…such a loser!. Well, I wasn’t lucky so I figure out I might take a power nap. So much for a power nap; I woke up feeling really tired; I didn’t really take a nap, I actually slept deeply.

By the time i woke up, it was evening already, too tired and I didn’t feel like going out anymore. I call up my friends hoping they would cancel the night’s event. Well, they were all super excited about the night and it seemed like there was no turning back. Oh well. By then, i should have been getting ready but I thought that I still had time for a little TV. OH, Holy Ferking Oprah, my favourite Chinese dating show was on, I had to watch it!. The commercial break…Perfect! . I thought of rushing in the bathroom for a quick shower, just washing the minimum amount necessary to make me feel clean BUT WAIT! There was this lovely animal shelter commercial, with lovely music and lovely kittens and lovely puppies. I love kittens. I couldn’t leave, could i?. As soon as the lovely commercial was done, I google more information about the shelter, who knows, I might get myself a little lovely thing for Christmas. Strangely enough, I found myself on YouTube, I should have been getting ready but YouTube just recommended another four minute related video. I had to watch it… until my friend called and i was forced to pause the video. I lied that i was almost done. Rushed to the bathroom and had that cheap, express drive through car wash kinda shower.

I tell you what, miracles do actually happen because immediately after the shower, i didn’t feel tired anymore, i felt alive. At around 10pm, we get to our destination as soon as I sat down and scanned the place, I immediately feel like I should be home because that’s where I belong. What to do?. Just go with the flow, chit chatting , some laughter…Yeah, that was fun. At around 1.45pm, I tell myself that I’ll just finish my drink since the club will close in 15 minutes. I was absolutely tired. The loud music, all those smartly dressed people walking, dancing and shouting everywhere; it was not like how they showed it on that movie scene. All I wanted was just go home and feel the softness of my bed and hypnotize myself to sleep. I checked the time and it was actually 11.20pm. I had actually been in there for less than two hours and already had enough. I just couldn’t. That wasn’t for me. I had to take a taxi and go home, where I belong. I get home, open my door, kick off my shoes, get out of that tight outfit; releasing all the farts I’ve been holding, put on my pyjamas, lie on the couch, turn on my TV and I let out a victorious scream “THIS IS MY MOMENT”.


Good morning sweetheart

It’s a beautiful day Mr. Mandevu.

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Anyway Hermits are people who tend to not want to socialize with other humans all the time. Most spend their entire lives wandering the planet. Like loners they do tend to make friends, and associates, and can pretty much network with anyone, but they choose not to go any further than a hollow friendship. Though they do run in to the best plutonic relationships.

Hermits, and loners are not socially inept, but hermits tend to not like to stay in the same place for very long. Thus not permitting the time it takes to actually be in some kind of crappy group or something like that.


plutonic because they are at the end of the “world”?

What you wearing under those pj’s??
Arimis on stand by…:cool:


Brown mother’s union


and here i thought you were fun to be with&%#*%@@?.
leta hekaya ya maana.
why do women fart all night long or they hold onto their shitty farts all day long?

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That is what the internets were made for… anything else is just a side effect.

The worst is when you just want to be at home alafu a friend calls anakuuliza unafanya nini then ukimwambia hamna anaanza kukutolea mipango. You know their intentions are good lakini you wish they could understand sometimes you just want to do “nothing”.


Women to not fart of shit. It is known!


Haha I can be fun to be with if I enjoy something.
Does your woman fart all night long?


really? can you hold your drink and prevent your legs from spreading?
she used to fart but now she is somebody else problem. she asked if i prefered guiness or her. i choose the pint from ireland


You’re full of love sweetcorn…was hoping to see my name somewhere in-between those loves but oh well maybe next time…I love pussies as well ;).


auburn, sepia, khaki or sienna?

@Unicorn, Am the chairman of the royal order of the blue flame(Google is your friend).

Send your application after confirming. I will waive the entrance charges.

I can hold my smoothies :D:D:D.
Everyone farts so it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

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:D:D:Dof course you love pussies you lovely mkamba.


Ire brown inafuanana na mchanga ya Kiambu. Lemme put on my glasses nikwambie kama ni umber ama sepia


most women always part their legs when under influence.
women fart alot during the night and under the duvet. who is ashamed of farting?
if i remember correctly those men whose has a little uhii left hold farting competition in pubs when drunk