Diaper disposal

supposing one stays at a far away place from town where garbage collection is simply not in existance, how do you deal with this issue.

How does this someone deal with the other garbage?

that would be potato peels,kales,ash and other easily disposable things.

…and the other nasty waste from our females…serious environmental problems. Pit latrines.

pads easily burns. Places with very high water table pose a serious headache in disposal of diaper

weka kwa paperbag ten rusha farthest point

Dry them, then burn them.

Destruction by fire

Someone just mentioned pit latrine.Why did you even ask the question when the answer is obvious

:D:D:D:eek::smiley: damn you are smart!

templa niaje , tuingie cheki maneno training when ?

Then we later added that we face a unique problem that our water table is so high and you well know pampers do swell,this make exhauster services very frustrating unblocking anytime it sucks one

Try burning one

baba amesemaje juu ya kuresist

Amejua hajui. Airtel wako karibu kufunga kibanda, maziwa karibu zote niza uhuru we are between hard a place and a rock

so niambie bibi anaweza rudi kwa brookside


Mwambie arudi akiwa amenyenyekea

Nidakunyitukia,nginya kioro nikiihuraga kwaura :D:D:D:D

usiwahi penda stress ka hiyo…:D:D:D:D:D