Best beach in kenya? here is some shots from our stay in Diani beach. We visited Kenya for 18 days In January 2019.We visited safari, some villages and Mombasa town and some nice beaches. We spent 12 days in Diani beach, and this video is all about Diani beach.We think that Diani is the one of the nicest beach in Kenya. So i would be really thankful if you let me know about another beautiful beaches in Kenya in comments.

kiteboarding in diani beach is the one of the best place for this sport. We stayed in Diani Sea resort and Diani Sea loundge. I can just recommend both of these resorts. On the beach you can find a lot activities and a lot friendly african people. People are extremely friendly but some of them just try to get money from you. Of course we understand this we are just tourists. Nothing bad for us. Also you can meet a lot Maasai people . They try to sell a very nice traditional souvenir and local stuffs.

Beach visited: Diani beach Tiwi Beach Gazi beaches
Activities on the beach: snorkeling diani beach, sailing on traditional boats, trip to sand bank diani beach, kite boarding in diani beach, dolphin tours, diving in diani beach, and a lot other tours. On the beach you are be able to buy cheaper tours then in resort. We bought also safari to Tsavo east and west for 4 days from beach guys.

Staff used for filming: Gopro Hero 7 Drone: Dji mavic pro 2 Panasonic GX80 Iphone XS max edited in Adobe premiere pro. Music: Møme - Playground Used a drone in kenya, drone in diani beach.


Na mtwapa

Copacabana Mtwapa

Are those coral reefs viewable on the aerial shoot

Yes because of water clarity



Tembea Shimoni

The Caves at Shimoni