Di*k-ends Njeri is released on a Sh20,000.

Nyeri men beware! [ATTACH=full]7086[/ATTACH]

she looks evil

hm nyeri… makes u think twice hizi hasira zao ni limitless lol

Society is very biased against men. Imagine a man had chopped off the tits of a woman. The outrage it would have caused the drama would made even spinster mps /maendeleo ya ujinga hold a press conference and ensure the guy is locked up for good.
Now this guy can’t procreate anymore and the media takes to this as a comedy show. Unafikiria nyeri wanaume watakaa na amani. It will only embolden their women. Haya! Ole wenu

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hehehehehe, ati nyeri ukiingia kwa pharmacy kununua penicillin unadungwa illin pekee!

stolen @Ka8

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kai umite nyeri muthuri??

Aca, kou ti gwitu

All crime and infringements should be treated equally… yenyewe 20K bond is too little.

The silence from all the human rights organizations & activists is deafening…

At least the police have asked the men to KAA CHONJO, whatever that means


I can bet my left nut you are right. Lazima itakua Churchill. Lakini ingekua dem human rights wata demand an apology from the producers of the show

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bila manhood ni heri nikufe

Hii inakaa kuma yake iko na meno sharp




@uncle nyam is right…society finds it “funny” and say things like “Ukienda Nyeri na jina yako ni DICKson , utarudi ukiitwa SON”… but if it was the other way round…uv seen the kind of protests and demos that women hold like “my dress my choice”. Me thinks that women should no longer be referred to as the weaker sex…they are the dangerous sex.


Haiya kwani ukomundu a nyuba ??:confused::confused::confused:

This is an affront to men

I was shocked to see this gross image here and even thought of asking the to pull it down, But I think it should be left there for all to see the inhuman act committed to this man…

Why have you deleted the Virus’s post with the amputated dtick


aish…actually those eyes look very evil…

reminds me of the movie called “Teeth” (2007) http://ia.media-imdb.com/images/M/MV5BMTkzMjQ2Nzg2OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNTgyMjU1MQ@@._V1_SX214_AL_.jpg